Back to the routine

16 10 2008

How Hard!

The 2008 season is over, the 2 weeks off are long gone. Slowly I’m trying to get back to my workout routine, but it hasn’t been easy. I was averaging 12 hours a week for the last 8 weeks leading to the Half Ironman.


Since then, it has being just hard to get back to the routine. I joined a gym and added some strengthening exercises, which I hope will help me prevent injuries to my Ironman training that is to come. 

The plan is to due a 12 week off-season training following Matt Fitzgerald’s book: Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide. Then, just as winter really hits in January, I will be starting the Ironman Plan (Level 4).

It wont be easy, but hopefully my buddies will help me get through it: Bruno, Carlos, Leandro, Rogerio and Paulo. Well, Paulo is not really a triathlete, but he certainly helps me with the boring strengthening routine. Oh, do I “love” that… arg!

Well, at least the swimming part will be easy. I just have to show up to practice at the North York Gators ( and let the coach worry about the rest! 🙂

Vacation is over, now it is back to work!