Off-Season training

15 11 2008

You got to love the sport!

Off-season is an “interesting” part of the training. You want to maintain your shape, but slowly you’re actually losing ground. The one thing that you don’t want to do is burn yourself, so I just try to relax and keep following the plan. It is hard to keep focused when the next race is in 8 months and there is NOTHING between now and then as far as triathlon goes.

The funny part is that although I’m training 2/3 of the time I was training before, I still have good and bad days. One would think that everything would be easy, but it is really not the case. The body gets used to whatever you throw at him, as long as you leave him enough time to recover. Well, try to flatten your training, you’ll feel it. Off-Season doesn’t have the same periodization strategy as the regular training, but it does get harder, slowly…

I’m finally getting back to 8 to 9 hours of training per week. I’m nowhere close to the shape I was a couples months ago, but I have to say, my run is getting a bit faster and easier… my swimming is getting faster too, but my bike, well… lets put it this way, spending one hour on the trainer three times a week isn’t exactly fun. I keep telling myself: discipline, discipline, discipline; just go there and do it! What does help is listening to IMTalk Podcast, the only place that still remind me about actual races.

I would love to get a computrainer, which not only would help my technique, but it would also make it more interesting. But to be honest, I can’t justify the expense. I already spent a small fortune with sports this year. I will have to wait until I can convince myself (and Beatriz!) about spending that kind of money!