Muskoka 70.3 Ironman 2010 Race Report

17 09 2010

The Muskoka 70.3 was the last triathlon of 2010 for me. I had a great time in Hunstville, where the race took place.

This was the third time I participated and, if possible, I’ll participate again. It is a great race. I love the lake, the bike and well, the run isn’t as bad as the first year! Best of all, it isn’t hot, which is great for me too.

This year was a bit like last year for me in the sense that I didn’t have enough rest after the Ironman. Some people can recover pretty fast, but I take some time to get back in the training mood after a full Ironman. As you can see on my previous posts, I had a really hard time to get back to my training routine and quite honestly, never really got back to it.

As far as the race went…

Swim: 2km, 33:20 min, 1:40 min/100m

This was my worse pace this year. Even at Lake Placid, I’ve averaged 1:36min/100 for double the distance! But it wasn’t a bad swim. I was a couple minutes faster than last year and it was a breeze. I only found the last buoy a bit far, but never got hit or hit anyone either. I was on the forth wave, started with a sprint, left most of the guys behind and swam with a few guys around me.

I was surprised to see that I was 21st out of 126 on my age group, usually I’m much further ahead (on the swim!) The first on my wave was 28:03, but every one else on my wave was ~32 min.

T1: 6:09

Sounds like much and it is. But the fact is that the lake is quite a ways from the transition area, and uphill! I don’t think I waste too much time, but I just didn’t run uphill.

Bike: 3:07:06, 30.1 km/h, 223W

About the same as last year, about 10W less and .3 km/h slower, but marginally the same.

I started strong, both power and heart! My HR was at ~170 bpm for the first 15 min, but there wasn’t much I could do about it, since the course starts with a bunch of hills, so I just sucked it up and kept going. I wasn’t feeling tired or out of breath, it is just that after a long swim, when I stand-up my HR jumps up and takes a while to settle. The hills didn’t help.

I tried to to maintain a 230W average, which I did for about one hour and a half, but then I started to slowly lose power. The second half I just averaged 217W. Interesting is that the HR drop considerably too:

Yellow: Power, Red: Heart Rate, Orange: Altitude (Click to Zoom)

My strategy was pretty faulty, I know… but I wanted a good performance on the bike and went all out! My FTP is ~240 these days, so 230W for three hours would be pushing my limit. But that came with a cost…

Anyhow, at end of the bike, like 3km to finish, I passed Bruno. He looked like a Zombie. I thought he had had a flat, but as it turns out he had a big crash. He hit the gravel and then the grass… and then a stomp and flew over it with the bike on top of him. Fortunately he was fine and the bike was “OK”, he manged to finish the remaining 20km with it.

The Flying Bruno Bug!

T2 2:27

I got in to to T2 and Bruno was just a few meters behind me. He was psychologically beaten. We asked me if I could run with him, and I just though “Do you mean can I keep up? No!”. So T2 was going to be fast, but Bruno had forgotten to leave his bike spare tire (that had fallen off during his crash) and went back to leave it at the bike. I was just waiting at the exit of the transition… probably just 20 seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

Run 2:09:09 hrs, 6:08 min/km

I have to say the run was hard and fun! I pushed way to hard on the bike and I knew it. I was lucky that Bruno was with me, so he kept me honest. “Fortunately” his leg was hurting, so I could actually keep up with him. Funny how triathlons are, I can kick his butt in the swim and bike, but I can’t keep up on the run!

Anyhow, the run was two guys complaining about their pain all the way, but we chatted a lot, which made it much easier. We kept a 6:08 pace almost all the way. We started at 5:50, but by km 7 we were already at unde 6 min/km pace. Walk, chat, run protocol!

All things considered, this was an awesome race. The weather was fine and I got to talk to a great friend for 2:09 hours! We crossed the finish line together, both happy that it was done! Another 70.3 under our belts!!


Sandbagging Time: 4 days to IM 70.3 Muskoka

8 09 2010

Almost time to recharge!

I can’t say I’ve been training much. Not sure, but I don’t think I had enough time off after IMLP. Don’t take me wrong, I love triathlons, I love training, but lately it has been so hard to get my butt out of the house, it is not funny.

This week I ran 35 min, that is it. Last week I managed to train just 8:42 hrs and just one swim (2.6km). This is definitely not me. But I’m running low of energy. I just want to get over this race and take at least a month off training, nothing, nada, zero, niente, nitchs, no training. If I feel like, I’ll just go for a run…

In a strange way, I still feel like doing the race, but I just can’t train anymore. Go figure. Hopefully after a month off, I’ll get back on track. After all I did sign-up for Challenge Roth. I’ll better find my mojo again!

The worst part… I feel so guilty for not training, but I really can’t help it.

My prediction for Muskoka is:

  • Swim: 33:20 min (1:40/100m)
  • T1: 4 min (big hill till transition)
  • Bike: 3:14:29 hrs (29 km/h avg)
  • T2: 1:30 min
  • Run: 2:00:34  hrs (10.5 km/h)
  • Total: 5:53:53

I just hope to stay under 6 hours. Best case scenario, I’ll shave 8 min from the bike if I can get an 30 km/h avg… but I wouldn’t put my money on that.

6 days to Muskoka 70.3

6 09 2010

Just 6 days to finish the 2010 season!

This has been a great year. I turned 40, I finished another Ironman with another PB, 12:55 hours… Maybe not good enough to go to Kona, but not bad at all for a guy that just started a few years ago!

I was watching my wedding video today and I’m so lucky: My wife didn’t change, she is as beautiful as almost 11 years ago (I’m not kidding) and I look much better after shaving 14 pounds!

Life doesn’t get much better. If you ever wanted to do a triathlon but you think you’re not up to the task, look at me! I’m 6 days away from my 4th half Ironman and I don’t care at all. I’m the guy that used to be afraid of the 375m swim in the Tri-a-try!

Buddy, it is easy, you just need to get out there! Sign up and do it… It is a AWESOME sport!

Well, I’m glad the season is finally over too. I need to rest, recharge my batteries and get better for Challenge Roth in Germany next year. I have a new goal: Under 12 hours!!!

Limits? What limits??! 🙂



Oh, did I mentioned that we both finished IM Muskoka last year? Here we go again!