Week 7 Summary

25 04 2010

Everything considered, this was a good week.

Even though the intensity was very low and the duration wasn’t a “ironman training grade”, I feel pretty good with the fact that my hamstring seams to improve day after day. Better yet, after each workouts,it did not get worse. So I think I’m on the right track.

Next week I will get back to the normal volume and I’ll also increase the intensity, but just a bit. If everything goes as planned, I’m back to full functional training the following week. Fingers crossed!

The volume for week 7 was 8 hours and 47 minutes:


Slowly but surely

23 04 2010

Half week is gone. I can’t say that I trained a lot, but I’m making progress.

I’m slowly getting back to my regular workouts. I started biking again on Thursday, doing an astonishing Hour and Half just under of 120W (115 bpm!). But at the end my legs were feeling fine, no pain. I also got another saddle at Dornellas and Eon did a fantastic job re-fitting the bike for me. I feel much more comfortable and it think it is less effort too, but I will know for sure when I resume the intensity.

Today I did my first run since last Friday, also an amazing 7:00 min/km pace (123 bpm, 82 rpm). The good news is that my hamstring did not complain. I still feel it a bit stiff, but it is not getting worse as I run and it actually feels better than before I ran.

The goal is to continue with this extra-low intensity next week and resume the overall training schedule (time wise). I also updated all the percentages of completed workouts and re-calculated the weeks to come. That caused the volume for the next following weeks to reduce quite a bit, which right now is what I need: Slowly get back in shape. The most important is not re-injuring the hamstring.

On a side note, I’m swimming like I never did before. I finished 800 yards followed by 1000 yards (1 min rest between) at 1:25min/yards. My personal best for the distance! I guess I’m rested when I swim, which was not the case a few weeks back.

Week 6 Summary

20 04 2010

Well, I can’t say this was a great week. I’ve only trained Tuesday to Friday and as I mentioned on my last post, I’m not running or biking since Friday. The total hours of training las week was just over 7 hours.

I got a massage yesterday, but I still can feel my left hamstring, so I will not resume training yet. I will wait another two days and perhaps bike on Thursday morning, but if so at a very low intensity.

Here is a what I’m thinking… I got a little burn on my left hand (touched the oven element while putting a pizza in).  Everytime I think about resuming the program I’ll look at my hand. If it is still healing, I should wait. Like the leg, the hand doesn’t hurt unless I touch the wound, so just because I can’t see the injury it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It takes time to heal and I have to take a deep breath and wait.

As my wife said, I look like a wild animal in a cage! I’m prbably behaving like one too.

Full Stop

17 04 2010

It has been two weeks since I hurt my left hamstring. It got better after I got a massage last Monday, but it is still bugging me. It is time to make a very difficult decision: no Biking, running until further notice.

I think it is better to stop now and take my time to heal properly instead of dragging a little injure along until it becomes a bigger issue. Trust me this is not an easy decision. Training for an Ironman is not an easy task, and it is not just because you have to train a lot, but is knowing when to listen to your body and taking a break. Ironman becomes part of your life, it is not one event, it is a routine that you perform day after day. Changing your routine is not easy, for me this is harder than starting a diet… which by the way is not necessary when you are training for an Ironman!

The only sport I will continue to do is swimming. I might introduce a couple mode trainingsessions over the week to maintain some of my aerobic fitness. Once I have no more pain on my hamstring I’ll slowly resume normal training.

Week 5 Summary

13 04 2010

 Week 4 was fantastic! Outdoor rides, lots of nice weather, great results…

 So comes week 5. Turns out that I pushed myself to hard on week 4, averaging 200W on a 4:45 hours + 30 min Brick workout. The following day I ran 1 hour and 40 min at 10.8 km/h… and I could feel my hamstring.


I started week 5 and my hamstring was still sore. After a tempo bike (1:15 hrs), my leg was stiff and tight. I still carried on with the training on Wednesday, but I realized I should take care of the hamstring, as it was not getting better. Mind you, it wasn’t a great pain or anything, but it was there, just waiting for the right moment to become a problem.

 “Listen to your body”. I thought it was better to treat it now than letting it get worse closer to the race. I contacted MAO and they also told me to reduce the volume and see how it goes. I ended up the week with just 10 hours and 18 minutes. I basically cut the remaining of the week in half and I also reduced the intensity.

 On Monday afternoon I went for a massage, which was great! The muscles really loosen-up, although I still feel it a bit, the pain is almost gone. Week 6 will be interesting…

Week 4 Summary

5 04 2010

What a great week! Spring is definitely here. The weather could not have been better and we got a bonus too, it was a long weekend (Good Friday)!

I had the opportunity to go outside for my first outdoors bike ride. I also took thursday off and went to Markham, where I biked for 3 hours (85 km). And what a difference. Not only is it more pleasant, but it is a much better workout. I’ve been averaging 180W on the computrainer and outside I was around 200w! I guess there are two factors that cause that:

  1. Air: nothing like fresh air compared to a closed room with a fan. There is more oxygen and it is not as warm, and the smell of the farms!
  2. Speed: I want to go faster! It is not just about making a number, it is about feeling it. It is not a workout, it is a true joy!

No kidding, you got to love it! And there is also the Canadian Scenery:

Lake Simcoe - Spring in Canada!

The week 4 summary was: