26 12 2009

Winter in Canada, what keeps you going?! 🙂

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MAO Progress

14 12 2009

It has been about 7 weeks since I resumed training. It was very hard to start training again after such a long break (7 weeks too!)

I find that I’m finally getting back to what I was last year, although it is very hard to compare, since my training is so different now. MAO follows a very strict  HR based training, which is much lower than my old training method. In any case, I chose some workouts in each discipline to compare to last year:


On January 11th of last year I ran 1:20 at 155 bpm and 10.6 km/h averages, which would have considered a VERY low HR at the time.

About a year later and just 7 weeks of off-season training, I did 1:30 hours at 10 km/h average but 140 bpm! That is about 15 beats under. I think that is quite e positive change!

Keep in mind that when I started after my time off, I was REALLY bad (see previous post).


Well, I which I could say I had the same improvement on the bike, but reality is that I’m very far from where I was last year. At this time around, I was doing 179 Watts at 141 bpm (80 rpm).

This time around I’m doing 152 Watts at 138 bpm (83 rpm). That is pretty lower than last year (27 Watts or 15%).

Now, having said that, it is also true that I’ve improved a lot since I resume training this year. My first workout after the 7 weeks of break was a shameful 120 Watts at 130 bpm… in one hour! That was brutal. So compared to that I’m doing awesome!


Swimming is a bit harder to compare. I feel that I’m getting better by looking at my lane mates at the North York Gators Master Swim. After the my break I almost had to change to a slower lane, as I couldn’t keep up at all. I used to lead part of the training before the break… and let me tell you, I was HORRIBLE afterwards.

Anyhow, I’m much better now and although I’m still not able to lead any workout, I can definitely hang in there. Slowly I’m getting back. I’m still following the workouts from the Masters instead of MAO, but I try to follow the distances that MAO prescribes, which for now are less that I would be swimming.

Well, it is off-season, so I’m doing 90% of what I’m suppose to do, but I am skipping the odd workout when I don’t feel like it. This year I will be a bit easier on myself, at least until the peak training starts. I got very burned out last season, which I’ll try to avoid this season.

There is still a long road to get to IM Lake Placid, but slowly I’ll get back in shape and hopefully I’ll do a better time than at IM France.