Perfect Timing!

27 04 2009

This was another great weekend! Once again we got a good bunch riding Saturday, but this time we broke up in two groups:

  1. Fernando C., Tracy, Carlos, Rogerio and I
  2. Fernando P., Beatriz, Liliana and Gloria

Rogerio could only make it for one hour and half, but we was keeping up the pace! I should say, he was dictating the pace… Fernando and Tracy went for two and half hours, followed by a 30 min run. Carlos and I went for 5 hours…

The second group split in two as Gloria was on her mountain bike, which makes it really hard to keep up. So Lili stayed behind with her while Fernando and Beatriz kept on a bit faster. They rode for 3 hours, which I’m pretty sure was Beatriz’s longest ride, well done!

The weather was great, sunny, warm (~25 Celsius depending on the time). We rode up and down 6th line and Appleby, which is a bit of a short path for 5 hours, so we did it almost 3 times:

Bike Ride April 25th

Bike Ride April 25th

I was feeling pretty good up to 3:30 hours, then we stop for gatorade, and it was so hard to start again… we were at Tremaine Road and 3th Sideroad. When I looked the time and saw that we still had 1:30 to go, I got a bit worried. I took another gel, and tried to concentrate at the job ahead. I could barely keep up with Carlos. We went up Main Road (West) to Appleby and down to Derry Road… and then north on Bell School Line. That was it. I reached rock bottom. I had no energy left. My only hope was another gel, and Gatorade (I had no more Infiniti)… The interesting was that after that Bell School Line hill, I felt much better. By the time we were climbing the 6th Line towards the car I was in reasonable shape. It was getting easier to keep up with Carlos.

We passed the cars, and kept going north for another loop at 20th side road, with just 15 minutes to go! Now, then I started to look north and I notice that it was pitch dark there! Were did the sun go? I think I was so concerned about finishing the workout that I forgot about the weather… I know that when we got to 25th Line, I really started to hammer the bike. The wind was unbelievable. It literally pushed my bike sideways; I never seen anything like that. I started go faster to get ahead of the storm that was coming our way.

When we got back to the cars, it started to rain, just a couple drops. By the time we put the bikes into the car and drove away it was pouring rain! The wind was even stronger, lighting coming down from every where… and I was comfortably seated on the passanger sit, eating some pastries that Beatriz had gotten while she was waiting for me!

What a wife! 🙂


First day out in 2009

18 04 2009

And what a great day! We met at Kelso Conservation Area:

  • Carlos
  • Rogerio
  • Fernando
  • Brian
  • Bryan
  • Bryan

I’ve been riding the computrainer for 4 months now, and don’t take me wrong, it is great. Having said that, nothing better then riding outside!! The weather was great, the group even better.

We started following the Milton Sprint Triathlon course, but we lost two guys. Bryan was too fast for us, and Fernando fell behind. We went back for Fernando, but we couldn’t find him… sorry about that. I blame Rogerio, so you should do the same! 🙂

Anyhow, the day was FANTASTIC. 22 C, cloudy, a bit windy, but not too much. Brian was kind enough to show us a few new hills, including some at Appleby Line, which is a great place to train for the IM France. A pretty tough hill of about 1 km long, felt like 10 though. I’ll definitely go back there next week if the weather is nice.

It was pretty interesting to see the difference between a road bike and a tri-bike. Brian and Bryan were riding road bikes, while Carlos, Rogerio and myself were on tri-bikes. Uphill was pretty hard to keep up with the road bikes, but as soon as it became flat or downhills the tri-bikes are much faster.

Oh, before I forget, Rogerio almost broke a tradition. He didn’t fall once until the last half hour, when we fell twice! As usual, stopping and getting the wrong foot out of the pedals. Fortunately not even a bruise, he is getting pretty good at that.

So, after riding for about 60 km, Rogerio, Carlos and I did a 55 min run. I think it would have been a perfect training for an X-Terra! We went uphill to Hilton Falls, into some trails and back to Kelso Conservation Area for a total of 11.2 km (give or take the calibration of my polar). To my surprise we averaged 12.4 km/h, but only because Carlos and I were chasing the rabbit… Rogerio! The bastard kept going like he was walking in the park! Well done man. What also surprised me was how Carlos maintained the pace all the way. This is someone that did the 10k downhill just under one hour last year!

Great job guys!

Awesome day. Time to relax and have a beer now! Next time we should include it in our program!


IM France Bike Course

11 04 2009

The more I ride the bike course, more worried I get.

I’ve being training with the Computrainer using the IM France course for a while now and the thing is that my long days are getting longer. Until today my longest bike was 4 hours, now 4 and half.

The positive side is that my power average is increasing and the time to reach the summit is decreasing. The first first time I reached the summit, took me 3:10 hours (71 km). Today just under 3 hours. The problem is that after i reach the summit I don’t have any legs left. Even though there are a lot of downhills, there are also some uphills, specially at the 105 km mark. Let me tell you, climbing a 8% grade hill after riding for 4 hours+ is not easy.

Here is the break down of my last ride (red-heart rate, green-power, brown-profile):

  • 0 – 50 km: 180 Watts and  135 bpm average


  • 50-71 km: 212 Watts and  145 bpm average


  • 71-110 km: 142 Watts and  133 bpm average


Overall averages were:

  • Duration: 4:30 Hours
  • Distance: 110 km
  • Power: 176 Watts
  • Heart Rate: 137 bpm

I have to say that I wasn’t dead tired after the bike, but my legs were dead. No energy left. I had lunch about 16:00 and went for a recovery run at 18:00. It wasn’t super hard, but I ran at an average of 11 km/h and 154 bpm. I can’t imagine how the marathon will be like after doing the whole 180 km. I know that after the 71 km mark, the majority of the course will be downhill, but in a way it is bad because my legs will cool down, and every little hill will be really painful… I do believe that the actual course will be easier then the one I have on the Computrainer, as it was build from a GPX file, which is known for having some elevation variations.

Well, June 28th I will find out. I’m loosing my hopes to finish under 12 hours though. I was counting with 6:30 on the bike, and I’m starting to think that is too optimistic. Anyhow, “there is no can’t in Ironman”, right?

Personal Best Brick!

10 04 2009

Last week was my recovery week, and even at the end of the week I was still feeling pretty tired. I don’t know if it was suppose to be like that, but I feel much better during the hard weeks…

Anyhow, today I did a brick (1:30 Bike, 30 min run) and I was feeling great!

  • 185W (137 bpm) on the bike and
  • 13.1 km/h (163 bpm) on the run

I even checked on gmap  pedometre to make sure my Polar wasn’t just trying to please me! May not sound much, but running is definitely my week point. 6.6 km in 30 minutes isn’t really bad on my standards. Although I wouldn’t be able to sustain that speed for much longer… Baby steps, one run after another, and who knows what my limits are? I guess that’s what I will find out in France!

What is really nice about triathlons is that it is about your personal best! For age groupers, it is not as much about your place, but your time regarding your last race. Well, since this is my first Ironman, it comes with a guaranteed personal best… if I finish it.

I’ve been pretty consistent with my training so far, as I have to be. This is my first Ironman and I’m only doing triathlons for 2 and half years. There is a lot that I need to build up…  I’m averaging 11 hours a week since the 5th of January, even considering that I was sick twice (Stomach Flu and a brief cold). Well, I also went skiing for a couple days. 😉

Training Log - April 4th 2009

Training Log - April 10th 2009

This week I’m at 7 Hours and 38 Min and counting… Over the weekend I still have my long bike and long run. We are only 12 weeks away from the race!!! 🙂