Week 6 – Off-Season

22 11 2010

3 Months old 30XT: No warranty!

This week started a bit off to say the least. I have a Garmin 310XT and so does my wife. In fact it was her birthday present just 3 months ago. The watch is great, I have it for more than a year and I really love it. My wife however, had a little mishapping with hers though. She dropped it from the coffee table, about 70cm high into a tile floor. For her surprise the screen broke and Garmin does not cover it under warranty. Very odd that a “Sports Watch” can break in a circumstance like this. Very disappointing. Cost’s $118.00 to repair! Very poor customer support is all I can say.

But life moves on and the training continuous! This week was also very busy at work, it was very hard to put all my training in. In fact I missed Thursday’s work out. I actually woke up early jumped on the bike and did the warm up. Unfortunately that was all I could do. Using the computrainer has its drawbacks too… I’m using erg mode, where I set the power I must pedal and regardless of the speed or cadence, the computrainer will maintain the load. I was going through the warmup doing 3×3′ with 1′ rest at 190W and I could barely do 190W! Just before my real workout (3×10′ at 224W and 4′ rest), I bailed. There was no way I would do 224W. This is always a hard decision, but one that has to be taken every once in a while. Got off the bike, back to bed and that was it.

Well, this was a short but hard week! On Saturday I even had a 2×12′ at 224W + 2×15′ at 190W followed by a 25 min run! Fortunately, this time was fine. Hard, but fine.

Week Summary:

  • Bike: 2:14 hours, 72 km
  • Run: 2:28 hours, 28 km
  • Total: 4:42 hours, 100 km

Wow, less than 5 hours?! I just realized how much I didn’t train… I hope I can get used again to my long workouts once I start the ironman plan. I have to say, it doesn’t look like a lot, but these almost 5 hours are pure hard workouts. I think week 8 is when I have another threshold test for both bike and run. That will hopefully show some improvement!