Wow, since 2013 lot’s happened

18 07 2017

I just realized I haven’t had much time to write in a long time. Well, here is the jist of it… I signed up for 2014 Mont Tremblant Ironman, but I ended up withdrawing when my second child was born. Sport is very important to me, but family come first.

Since then I’ve been concentrating on riding with Morning Glory Cycling Club. I’ve been slowly increasing my volume and I’m back… at least I’m back cycling. I have the same weight as the last race in 2013, but I got my FTP up to 310W. I would be very interesting to do another triathlon, aside from the fact that my last swim was IMMT 2013, and the last run wasn’t much after.

Last April I did my first M3 Race (road race). I finished a little behind the peloton after cramping just before the last lap, which me realize that nutrition is important even on a 1:45  hour race! I finished 56th out of 88. The one thing I will say about this race is that there were 3 crashes on the M3 race. Fortunately I was at the front when 2 of them happened and way back (after I got dropped) when the 3rd happened.

You can actually see the race from my bike: Good Friday M3 Road Race

The second race (Steve Bauer) was much better. From a nutrition perspective, I treated it as a tri, meaning gels every 20 to 30 min and salt pills every hour (2 basically) to avoid cramping. I somehow managed to stay with the peloton till the end, even though each lap finished on a pretty steep, but short (~1km) hill. A lot of fun and no crashes whatsoever. I finished 21st of 48. Lots of room for improvement, yet, a lot of fun!

Video here: Steve Bauer Classic (M3 Road Race)

That is probably my last race this year, but I’m planning to do a few more next year!