Off Season – Week 15

23 01 2011

Winter wont stop us!

I completely disappeared from the web, but I am still training, despite the weather. My dog and I are still fighting the elements! 🙂

The last months I’ve bee quite busy at work and I haven’t had time to much other than working and working out. Fortunately it has not interfered with my training schedule, which doesn’t really take much time anyway. I’m averaging 5 hours a week and as I mentioned before, these are very hard 5 hours, make no mistake.

I just finished week 15:

  • Bike: 3:19 hours, 109 km
  • Run: 2:29 hours, 28 km
  • Total: 5:48 hours, 137 km

I’m still not swimming, but I’m going to pick it up in February. I’ll probably go twice a week for a month and after that I’ll follow the same volume as dictated by my 20 week Ironman Plan, which I’ll start 5 weeks from now.

The good news is that I have never been this strong on the bike. Last FTP test I hit 260W, which is the best I have ever done! Most interesting is that I usually finish the test literally “on my last breath”, but this time I still had a little bit left, which is shame… I might had been able to squeeze a couple more watts out of me. Oh well, still better than my 248W at my peak for IMLP.

As far as the run goes, my last 5km TT went fine too, 22:13 minutes, which corresponds to a 4:26 min/km pace (13.5 km/h). Not bad actually, at least for me. Unlike the bike I was dead at the end. But what I’ve noticed is that today after doing my intervals (2×1 mile @ 4:30 min/km pace), I ran about 30 min at 5:23 min/km with a HR at 151 bpm and feeling extremely well. I was watching TV at the gym and I didn’t even realized that I reached 1 hour.

Last but not least, I’ve been working on my running cadence, which I’m now averaging 83 rpm… not stellar, but better than the 79 rpm, which I use to do before. Even at 5:23 min/km, I’m still at 83 rpm.

Other than that, looking forward for a better weather and seeing what I can do outdoors with the bike. It is -19C outside today and it may not bother my dog, but I guess outdoor biking will have to wait a bit!




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