Week 5 – Off-Season Feeling Great!!

14 11 2010

Running Improvements, finally!

I just completed 5 weeks of my off-season program and I never felt this good so early in the season. Not sure that is good or bad, but I’ve seen some significant improvement on my run this week.

As I mentioned last week, my bike FTP improved 11% from 202W to 224W and I must say, I still think I’m even better this week, but I have another test scheduled for week 8, so we’ll see.

Now the run!! I had a couple very good runs this week. My intervals were usually at 12.5km (or 4:48 min/km) at around 170 bpm. This week it has been consistent at 13km/h (or 4:36) around 165 bpm. By the way, I’m talking about 1/2 and 1 mile intervals! I feel much better during these intervals, my breathing isn’t fading, my cadence is at 85 rpm (awesome for me!). In fact, I’m concentrating a lot on that, which apparently is working!

Lets see how it goes. This is the first time I feel some improvement on my run since week 1. I’m very excited about it. I’m starting to look forward for next season… I know, I know, it is early, but I’m really starting to think that work works!

I’m just glad to see my speed improving and my HR coming down. Have a look at week 3 vs. week 5 distribuition:

Week 5 - Heart Rate distribuition

Week 3 Heart Rate Distribution

One of my big concerns regarding the Endurance Nation line of thought was injuries. However, my hamstring hasn’t felt this strong for ages! I guess because you have so much time to recover, 2 off-days a week, what a luxury! 🙂

Week Summary:

  • Bike: 3:24 hours, 112 km
  • Run: 2:24 hours, 27 km
  • Total: 5:48 hours, 139 km

Challenge Roth might be interesting! Breaking the 12 hours barrier baby, that is the goal!!



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