Week 4 – Off-Season

9 11 2010

This is a bit late as I already started week 5, but I’m so busy at work that I didn’t have time for my quick week summary. So here is the short version.

I’m started week 4 with a Bike threshold and I actually improved 11% from 202W to 224W, which was pretty good. Obviously to gain back performance is always easier than building from scratch. I was 248W at my peak in this year, but still 11% in three weeks isn’t bad at all. The goal is to finish the season around 248W, which would give me the opportunity to build on the threshold closer to Challenge Roth. Time will tell.

Not sure about my run though. I’ve skipped a few short easy runs since the beginning of program, but I don’t think that would make a difference. I’ve done all the intervals… I’m just too busy. I’m lucky to be following this low-volume, high-intensity program, otherwise I would be in real trouble!

I can still swim!

Oh, what was different this week? I swam 3km in the pool. First time in the water since September (Muskoka 70.3)! The good news is that I didn’t drown. The bad news is that I’m so out of “swimming shape” that I even got cramps on my hand while doing my 600m warmup!

Week Summary:

  • Bike: 3:05 hours, 100 km
  • Run: 1:44 hours, 19 km
  • Swim: 1:00 hour, 3 km
  • Total: 5:49 hours, 129 km



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