Week 3 – Off-Season

1 11 2010

Bastards, hit and run!

This wasn’t the best week. Sunday morning I broke a glass and cut both hands (nothing serious)  then minutes later I realized someone had bumped into my car! The day before we had dinner at friends, and the next morning this is how my car looked liked. Yeah, the car was parked at a completely quiet street… The funny part was that my wife drove home without ever seeing the smashed door. We only saw it the next day.

Anyhow, three weeks into my off-season training and I’m starting to feel some fitness coming back. I can’t say I’m in great shape, but at least I’m better than three weeks ago! How much better? I will see that on Tuesday, when I’ll do another threshold test. I’m hoping for a 5% improvement, so maybe 215W… but we will see.

The training continues at a very high intensity and pretty low volume, as expected. Power zones are always tempo and threshold, while HR is mainly around to 160’s:

Week 3 Power Distribution

Week 3 Heart Rate Distribution

Week Summary:

  • Bike: 3:14 hours, 109 km
  • Run: 2:15 hours, 25 km
  • Total: 5:29 hours, 134 km



2 responses

1 11 2010

OMG Hans that sucks!

I’m following the same plan as you, but minus the running since I’m still dealing with a groin injury. Lots of work on the CT! I’ve got the Real Course Video for IMC so that keeps me entertained.

Hi to Beatriz 🙂

1 11 2010
Hans Winter

Yea, not fun. But what can I do? 😦

I like the new low volume high intensity, I have lots of time for other stuff. I’m looking forward for the Spring, I want to see if I really got better on the bike OUTSIDE! 🙂

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