Week 2 Off-Season

24 10 2010

Second week of the off-season following Endurance Nation… so far so good. I find that the bike is getting easier. The intervals are not as hard as they were at the first week. I’m pretty sure I’ve recouped some of my biking fitness over these last couple weeks.

The run, well, it is still hard as hell. Maintaining 12.5 km/h is so hard… and it isn’t getting any easier. On the bright side, my hamstring isn’t hurting. So I think that last week was just some lactic acid accumulation, which with one day off, just went away. Anyhow, that is my theory and I I’m sticking to it!

This training is VERY different from Mark Allen Online. Endurance Nation has a totally different approach. I’m spending much less time working out, but a huge difference in intensity. Look at the bike profile, the majority of the time is spent in Tempo and Threshold paces:

Bike Zones Off-Season 2009-2010 (MAO)

Bike Zones Off-Season 2010-2011 (EN)

The run is basically the same. Most time is spent on Threshold Zones and above. Mississauga Half Marathon will be interesting. I will be able to compare the results on the run.

Week summary:

  • Bike: 2:59 hours, 100 km
  • Run: 1:47 hours, 20 km
  • Total: 4:46 hours, 120 km



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