Week 1 – Off-Season Training

17 10 2010

This was a relatively short week, not much training, but that will be the name of the game for my off-season, or “out-season” as the guys at Endurance Nation call it.

Well, I can’t say I’m very happy right now, because my left hamstring is bothering me again. It actually started to bug me in the forth week of doing nothing. Yea, the only thing I did in that four weeks was running 1 mile with a 6 years old son of a buddy of mine. I was his “pacer”, very fun race actually!

Anyhow, my hamstring tarted to bug me completely out of the blue and after a few speed workouts this week, it has gotten worse. I doesn’t bother me at while biking, but running is another story. I’ll see if I can book a massage for tomorrow, which is my day off anyway and I’ll go from there. If it doesn’t get better I might take a week off, take some anti-inflammatory and a few more massage sessions. I’ll see how it goes. At least there is lots of time between now and my Ironman Distance race (Challenge Roth).

As per this week, one thing is clear, I lost a lot of fitness on my time off, supposedly to get healthy and NOT have injuries… My 5km time trial pace as 4:50 min/km, which was slower than my half marathon pace earlier this year!! My FTP (Functional Threshold Power) went down from 248W to 202W. But that was expected, this is the beginning of the off-season, so I’m not supposed to be on prime shape… yet!

Week summary:

  • Bike: 2:27 hours, 74 km
  • Run: 1:18 hours, 14 km
  • Total: 3:45 hours, 88 km

Does look much, right? But it was actually hard. All speed workouts… Well, we will see how it goes!!



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