The effects of Wine & Beer on Triathletes

11 10 2010

For the last 4 weeks I’ve been conducting a scientific study on the effects of wine and beer on triathletes. I completely stop training after Muskoka 70.3, bought a charcoal BBQ and started a high protein diet toped with red wine and beer.

The result? After four weeks, all my injuries were cured! I was feeling great, having lots of sleep and a lot of time in my hand. Today, I resumed training! First workout: Threshold test!!

Here are is a comparison of the numbers before my last race and after the 4 weeks of wine and beer:

  • Weight: 87.5 kg (before), 89.7 kg (after)
  • Threshold Test avg HR (20 min): 157 bpm (before), 177 bpm (after)
  • Threshold Test Power: 248W (before), 202W (after)

Conclusion: wine and beer may not enhance your performance, but it will make you feel great!!! 🙂

The next step is to maintain the fun while mixing it with a bit of high intensity training! For the next 20 weeks I’ll go through my 8 to 9 hours weekly running and biking workouts at high intensity, before I start my Ironman specific training for Challenge Roth.

Tomorrow I’ll do my 5km time trial (running)… that is going to be fun! I hope I can maintain 11.5 km/h! 😉

The game is on! The goal in this second phase is to increase my bike threshold to ~250W, run threshold to 13.5 km/h and beer threshold to 4 pints/h before the start of the third phase: Ironman training plan. Roth, here I go!!!! Sub 12!!!!! Yea baby!!!

Bavaria won’t be the same!!!!



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