3 weeks off

4 10 2010

It has now been 3 weeks of no training… I think I’m finally getting used to it, which means it is almost time to start training again.
This will be my last week of rest and I’ll resume training on October 11th. I’m curious to see how the Out-Season from Endurance Nation will work. It is a completely different approach as Mark Allen, with low volume and high intensity.
I’m still not sure if I will follow this model for the actual IM training or back to MAO. I’ll decide after 20 weeks of High Intensity… Time will tell.
For now, another week with lots of wine! Amazing how much more wine I’m drinking in my off-weeks. So far 3 weeks have passed, 3 kilograms have been gained and numerous bottles of wine and beer have gone missing! 🙂




2 responses

4 10 2010
Brian Mcf

Sounds like you’ll have to go into Larry’s lane when you get back to swimming

10 10 2010
Hans Winter

LOL!! You’re probably right, specially considering that I will back swimming only in January… 🙂

But, tomorrow I start bike and run!

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