Sandbagging Time: 4 days to IM 70.3 Muskoka

8 09 2010

Almost time to recharge!

I can’t say I’ve been training much. Not sure, but I don’t think I had enough time off after IMLP. Don’t take me wrong, I love triathlons, I love training, but lately it has been so hard to get my butt out of the house, it is not funny.

This week I ran 35 min, that is it. Last week I managed to train just 8:42 hrs and just one swim (2.6km). This is definitely not me. But I’m running low of energy. I just want to get over this race and take at least a month off training, nothing, nada, zero, niente, nitchs, no training. If I feel like, I’ll just go for a run…

In a strange way, I still feel like doing the race, but I just can’t train anymore. Go figure. Hopefully after a month off, I’ll get back on track. After all I did sign-up for Challenge Roth. I’ll better find my mojo again!

The worst part… I feel so guilty for not training, but I really can’t help it.

My prediction for Muskoka is:

  • Swim: 33:20 min (1:40/100m)
  • T1: 4 min (big hill till transition)
  • Bike: 3:14:29 hrs (29 km/h avg)
  • T2: 1:30 min
  • Run: 2:00:34  hrs (10.5 km/h)
  • Total: 5:53:53

I just hope to stay under 6 hours. Best case scenario, I’ll shave 8 min from the bike if I can get an 30 km/h avg… but I wouldn’t put my money on that.



2 responses

8 09 2010
Bruno Samuel

Sandbagger… You have the courage to say 29Km/h after the 216W you did during training last weekend?

OK, here goes my time:
-Swimming: 39 minutes
-T1: 4 minutes
-Bike: 3:15 hours
-T1: 1:30 minutes
-Run: 1:58 hours

Total: 5:57:30

But… agree with you – if I do it under 6 hours, I’m happy, I’m not in the same shape as last year.

8 09 2010
Hans Winter

Maybe we meet at the bike. I should be swimming faster than you, but not sure it will be fast enough to catch you… and if I don’t see you at the bike, I’m sure I wont see you on the run! 🙂

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