6 days to Muskoka 70.3

6 09 2010

Just 6 days to finish the 2010 season!

This has been a great year. I turned 40, I finished another Ironman with another PB, 12:55 hours… Maybe not good enough to go to Kona, but not bad at all for a guy that just started a few years ago!

I was watching my wedding video today and I’m so lucky: My wife didn’t change, she is as beautiful as almost 11 years ago (I’m not kidding) and I look much better after shaving 14 pounds!

Life doesn’t get much better. If you ever wanted to do a triathlon but you think you’re not up to the task, look at me! I’m 6 days away from my 4th half Ironman and I don’t care at all. I’m the guy that used to be afraid of the 375m swim in the Tri-a-try!

Buddy, it is easy, you just need to get out there! Sign up and do it… It is a AWESOME sport!

Well, I’m glad the season is finally over too. I need to rest, recharge my batteries and get better for Challenge Roth in Germany next year. I have a new goal: Under 12 hours!!!

Limits? What limits??! 🙂



Oh, did I mentioned that we both finished IM Muskoka last year? Here we go again!



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