3 Weeks to Muskoka

23 08 2010

Numbers mean... Nothing! 🙂

Another week behind me… Just another 3 weeks and the season will be over. But I’m excited about Muskoka, especially the bike portion!

I’ve been poking around my logs, and I compared my long bike from Saturday to the one exactly a year ago:

  • Last Year x This year
  • Duration: 3:49 x 3:47 hours
  • Avg Cadence: 89 x 91 rpm
  • Avg Heart Rate: 143 x 141 bpm
  • Avg Power: 206 x 209 W
  • Normalized Power: 224 x 220 W
  • Avg Speed: 28.6 x 29.7 km/h

As you can see it is not too far out! The speed was lower, but I didn’t have the GPS at the time, the source was the powertap, which isn’t as precise. So it is fair to say that I’m pretty much on the same boat! Oh, and the normalized power is not considering altitude, since I didn’t have it with the powertap either.

Anyhow, I’m surprised that I’m so close to last year, specially considering I knocked down 1:27 hours from the IM France time, compared to Lake Placid. I think IM 70.3 Muskoka result will only be better if I get my strategy right. I might go for a slower bike (last year’s average was 30.1 km/h) and try to make it up on the run (last year was a walk/run 2:05 half marathon).

Just to add a couple more numbers on the table, the week before the race last year, I did a 3:14 hrs bike ride at 238W (Normalized!!!) This year I’ll taper a bit better too…

It will be interesting! 🙂

Anyhow, the net of the last week was:

Muskoka-70.3 3 weeks to go!



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