Ironman Lake Placid – Race Report

27 07 2010

Another Ironman on the books

Well, a second one! It is very interesting how you really can’t even compare to the first one. You can prepare for your first Ironman, but it doesn’t matter how much you train for it, how many races you did before, the Ironman distance is something you have to do once to have a chance to be ready for the next one: It is hard! It is fun!

We had a really good time at lake Placid. A couple of friends from Boston (Rodrigo and Juliana) stayed with us at the High Peaks Resort. This was one of the keys to a good Ironman, a good environment. Not only did they make my pre-race a breeze chatting and talking about old times, but they also supported me and Beatriz during the race. One thing often overlooked on an Ironman is how though it is on the supporters. Staying at the side lines for hours waiting to see a competitor for a few seconds and zoommm, he/she is off again…

Beatriz, Rodrigo and Juliana, this is not just saying it, I really appreciate you guys being there! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

“Great Wife + Great Friends = Great Race!!”

The race

The organization of the race was great. With couple minor exceptions, like having to drop my special needs back so far away… it was great. Also the water bottles in the bike station should have been on a proper bike bottle instead of the plastic bottles, which stay so loose on the cage. Yea, lost a few. But really, all the rest was perfect.

Weather? Well, the planets have aligned for the perfect race! Cloudy, few drops here and there and a max of 22C. Could not have wished for anything better.

The Swim: 1:00:48

I was right there at the front, in the center of the first swimmers!

The swim could not have been easier. I did what I should have done in France: started at the front line, sprinted for about 200m into the open water and followed my race pace from there. Result? I got one single kick in the face, which was basically me swimming over a guy on the second loop. I could have easily avoided it, but I was swimming “in a zone”!

For Garmin Swim date click here.

The interesting part of the swim is that as ALWAYS, when I get 1/4 of the course I think I wont be able to keep my pace, my arms hurt and I get pretty tired. That usually lasts for a couple minutes, then it is just like a long swim workout.

Half way into the swim, we got out of the water, walk through around the pier and back into the water. Here is where I made a stupid mistake. I always get very dizzy when I stand up after a long swim unless I finish the last minute of the swim kicking. I totally forgot about that at the end of the first loop. I almost fell when I got out of the water. I could barely stand and walk back to the water. Once I got back in the water, the dizziness went away and I was able to swim again.

I started the second loop  slowly and I got some “fresh” water into my wetsuit, which I could swear was because the zipper popped out. I tried to verify that it was in fact closed, but then just thought WTF, just go… fortunately it was OK, it was just warm water coming out when I stood up and cold one in again when I started to swim.

I beat my predicted time by 6:10 min, so I was pretty happy! I just wish I could bike and run like I swim…

Pace: 1:36 min/100m

T1: 10:49

Easy and calmly going to the bike!

T1 was a good 200m walk and it is not the place I wanted to run, but quite frankly, I took it too easy. The problem is that when I get out of the water and stand up, even if I don’t get dizzy (after kicking) my heart rate jumps from ~145 bpm to 178 bpm. Regardless, I could have been much faster… Before I went out on the bike, I still had one gel and a zip of Infinit.

The Bike: 6:52:40

Stretching before the run…

Here is where I was’t so happy. I did what I thought I would do, a slow bike. I really need to work on my bike though. I  think  the problem is nutrition more than anything else and I will tell you why.

For Gamin Bike data click here.

First loop:

My HR was very high up the hill before the downhill starts. I tried to take it easy and let everyone pass me, which is demoralizing, but I was sticking to my plan.

Downhill to Keene was fast and furious. It had rained a bit during the swim and the road was wet. I’m a good downhill guy, but I prefer technical downhills with turns, this is basically all out straight down and lets hope for the best. I was considering going down on aerobars, butI decided against it… which was actually harder. My arms were hurting and shaking half way down, as I’m not used to hold my weight on that position, I’m always relaxed on my aerobars! I think one guy passed me and I passed a few people.

Kenne to Jay are gentle rolling hills. I finally started to feel good, HR settled down. I had another gel, and kept zipping my Infinit. Also got a water on the aid station. I even saw Brian and Angela cheering like crazy from the penalty box (they were volunteering).  Great stuff guys!

Jay to LP I tried to take it easy up the hills. The whole loop I kept following my plan: ~146 bpm, 1 salt pill/hour, 1 gel/45min, Infinit and water.

At the end of the first loop I stopped to get my special needs bag and got another 3 Infinit. I had used 2.5 bottles, 3 salt pills and 5 gels ion the first loop. That is about 700 kcal (Infinit) + 450 kcal (Gel) = 1150 kcal, around 340 kcal/hour.

I really hold back on the bike, a lot. I didn’t care how many people were passing me, I just thought about my limits.

Second loop:

Out of LP again, I was still trying to keep my HR ~ 145 bpm, but power was starting to faint… if you look at the table above, you will see that my performance really hurt at the second loop. I was feeling good, but I didn’t have any energy on my legs. It was great to use the burst As I was going up the hill just outside LP, there was a band (like a college band) playing Ironman from Black Sabbath, just like in a college football game, AWESOME!

The second downhill to Keene was much easier as the asphalt was dry. My HR was normal again, but I thoughtIi needed more calories. From Kenne to Jay I decided to give myself more calories and I took my gel 15 minutes before my plan (i.e. 30 instead of 45 min) and 10 min later another one. That actually helped a bit. My power stabilized, but didn’t go up much.

IMLP Bike: Power and HR

Although it didn’t fix the problem, at least it didn’t get worse. In fact the up-hill was easier than I expected considering I was so weak going to Jay. I manage to finish the bike “relatively” strong (compared to the middle of the second lap). I also had to pee three times on the bike, once on the first loop and twice on the second loop.

T2: 7:24

OK, I didn’t rush again. I was almost ready to go when I decided to put some sunblock. It wasn’t really sunny, but I figured that another minute wouldn’t make much of a difference.

The Run

Perfect shot: right there, look at my feet, landing on my heels. Point for improvement!

I was off to a great start, my stomach was holding fine. No bloating, not upset, nothing. I was a bit uncomfortable in the first 500m of the run, but it quickly settle in with a few burps!

For Garmin Run data click here.

I don’t have much to say about the run, the strategy was easy: ran flats and downhills, walk uphills and aid stations. I had a gel about every 45 min and salt pills every hour. I stopped once at each lap for a pee break and just kept running.

I basically kept the strategy and pace:

  • First loop: ~2:20 hours, with 142 bpm
  • Second Loop: ~2:23 hours, 143 bpm

The only thing that bugged me was my right ankle. For some reason I was feeling it a bit soar with some small stitches. I thought it was the chip that was hurting it and I decided to change it and put it on my left ankle. Then I also saw that my show was a bit folded at the top, fixed that too… but it was still bugging me a bit. I just ignored it and kept going, it wasn’t really bad.

The next day it was quiet swollen but no big pain. No clue what happened. It is if I had twisted it somehow, but nothing that anti-inflammatories and ice can’t fix! 🙂

The funniest moment of the run was when I was finishing the first loop and passing by my support team, my wife yelling out “Vai Maridooo!!!” (Go Husband) and the Rodrigo is yelling  “Vai Maridoooo!” I couldn’t hold myself but laugh. I could just hear the three of them jumping and laughing out loud! That is why loops are not a bad thing on an Ironman!


I did the time I really wanted, under 13 hours. I was supper happy with the swim, happy with the run (needs improvement), but not happy with the bike (needs a LOT of work).

I made a few new friends, including a fellow Brazilian, Flavio, who gave me a bunch of good tips and encouragement before the race. I hope to see him again in other races.

Once again, I know this is though on the support team, I really do. A special thanks for Rodrigo and Juliana for being there and sharing the moment with me! Too bad they couldn’t stay until after the race, when I could finally have a beer!!!

I know this is a cliche, but finishing an Ironman is not possible without support throughout the year. My wife was there all the way! The Ironman is though on your body and your lifestyle. I’m lucky to have a wife that not only supports me, but also participates on most of the events.

We share the chores, we share the joy. She is also an 70.3 Ironman and she is going to do the second one in September, when she is going to shave quite some time from the previous year!!!

Official Splits

1:00:48 6:52:39 4:43:25 12:55:05 1355 266
TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:00:48) 1:36/100m 213 34
BIKE SPLIT 1: 30 mi. 30 mi. (1:26:44) 20.75 mph
BIKE SPLIT 2: 56 mi. 26 mi. (1:50:50) 14.08 mph
BIKE SPLIT 3: 86 mi. 30 mi. (1:38:41) 18.24 mph
BIKE SPLIT 4: 112 mi. 26 mi. (1:56:24) 13.40 mph
TOTAL BIKE 112 mi. (6:52:39) 16.28 mph 1437 286
RUN SPLIT 1: 5.7 5.7 mi. (57:04) 10:00/mile
RUN SPLIT 2: 11.9 mi 6.2 mi. (1:13:26) 11:50/mile
RUN SPLIT 3: 26.2 mi 14.3 mi. (2:32:55) 10:41/mile
TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (4:43:25) 10:49/mile 1355 266
T1: SWIM-TO-BIKE 10:49
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 7:24

What is Next?


Thank You for your registration.

Your registration has been accepted pending payment of the starter’s fee and we have received your data.

Name:                       Hans Winter

Event:                      Challenge Roth 2011

Participation:              Einzelteilnehmer

Date of event:              July 10, 2011

We are looking forward to welcome you at the European mecca for triathlon.

Impossible is failing when you have determination!

Next goal: under 12 hours



5 responses

7 08 2010
chat hr

Thanks Kelly!

28 07 2010

Hey Hans,

Congrats man, another big race for the records. I thought your times pretty good…..finish an Ironman is huge already! Let’s get together and catch up on things.


28 07 2010
Hans Winter

Thanks man! I was pretty happy with my time too.

Lets have a beer or two. I have all the time in the world this week… no training!!!

Next week I’ll start slowly getting back to my training for Muskoka 70.3.


28 07 2010
Kelly Lyons

Well done, Hans!! Excellent work on the race … and I loved reading your blog posts … excellent work there, too! Wish I could be in the pool to congratulate you in person … see you in a couple of weeks!

Congrats!!! Kelly

28 07 2010
Hans Winter

Thanks Kelly. The swim was my strongest (214 out of 2611!) thanks to you and Heather, I’m just trying to keep up with you! 🙂


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