IMLP – Quick Post

26 07 2010

I just got back home today, after driving back from Lake Placid… so a bit tired.

Lake Placid was awesome, I was pretty happy with the race. I will just give a quick summary and write a race report tomorrow:

  • Swim: 1:00:50 Easy! I sprint the first 200m and swam with just a couple other swimmers no wrestling.
  • T1: 10:49 Slow, took my time
  • Bike: 6:52:40 First loop was easy, second one not as much! I wasn’t really happy with the bike…
  • T2: 7:24 Slow
  • Run: 4:43:26 I was pretty happy with the run, ran most of the time.

Total Time: 12:55:05

Breaking News: I registered for Roth Challenge (Iron Distance) in 2011. I need to shave another 55 minutes for next year!!! 🙂

Complete post will follow…



8 responses

28 07 2010
bryan payne

Awesome Job and awesome you got into Germany. wow.


28 07 2010
Hans Winter

Thanks buddy, “almost” as good as your race! 🙂

Deutschland hier komme ich!


27 07 2010

Hello brother-in-law-athlete: pictures, please ???
🙂 Kisses to you and Beatriz-athlete !

27 07 2010
Hans Winter

Thanks Sandra! Too bad you couldn’t make it. You would have liked it and so would we!

27 07 2010
Maria Simone maslife

Awesome work, Hans! You crushed your previous time!

27 07 2010
Hans Winter

Can’t complain; I had a great time out there. I had the opportunity to chat with a bunch of athletes and make some new friends too!

I hope you liked it as much as I did (I’m sure you did!)

26 07 2010

Roth? Awesome!

Don’t worry about shaving any time, as Roth is the fastest course out there! All world records were set there! For sure you will have a PB! ;o)

27 07 2010
Hans Winter

There is no easy Ironman Distance race, but I’m hoping to get under 12 there… lets see. Training starts soon!

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