THE LAST WEEK – How to track an athlete

19 07 2010

After almost a year of waiting, planning and training, it is here: Ironman Lake Placid

Here is the link for tracking the progress online and also a list of BIBs (in alphabetical order!):

  • Bryan Payne: 1583
  • Carlos Araujo (Caca): 719
  • Hans Winter: 1092

As per Sandbaggers tradition, below is my “prediction” for IMLP. But this is an Ironman, so a LOT can happen… It is actually easy to predict your results assuming all the planets and stars are aligned, the temperature is perfect, overcast, no wind, no bike problems, hydration/nutrition done perfectly, good night of sleep, no food poisoning, no cold, no head ache, no driving around the Bike course the day before… Any of this sounds familiar?

If there is one thing we know about Ironman Lake Placid is that something we don’t except will happen, even if it is a perfect race! Anyhow, here it goes:

  • Swim: 1:07 hrs, 1:45min/100m
  • T1: 6 min
  • Bike: 6:55 hrs, 26 km/h (remember VERY hilly)
  • T2: 5 min
  • Run: 4:56 hrs, 8.5 km/h (walking all the water stations, “running” the rest)
  • Total Time: 13:09 Hrs

I will be absolutely thrilled with this time, but really, anything below 14 hours is great. I think I can do it. I’ve made a few comparisons to last year, well I’m an engineer, what am I going to say?

So? Can I reach my goal? Well, on paper, yes! Now it is just a question of getting outside and doing it…

Good luck for all of you doing IMLP this weekend! Regardless if it takes 8 or 17 hours, it is a big achievement!

Just 140.6 miles to go!



10 responses

26 07 2010

Under 13 HOURS – you Rocked it. Great job! Chopped off an nearly an hour and a half from Nice! So the next IM will be under 12…right 🙂

Great job!

27 07 2010
Hans Winter

Thanks Shane! That is the plan, under 12… well, Roth is a fast course, so should be doable. 😉

25 07 2010

So far so good, the swim was faster than expected, 1:38/100m! Great, keep it up!

27 07 2010
Hans Winter

I was extremely happy with my swim. It was better than a few pros! 😉

23 07 2010

Hey Hans,

suprise, surprise! Somehow displaced your email-address, but finally found your blog, when I tried to track you on Ironman France 2010 (Remember, you wanted to start there again?!). It was good fun reading your blog, almost like sitting next to you in Nice… IMLP should be a great race! So, good luck and have fun! Keep my fingers crossed for a sub13…:-)) All the best for Carlos as well and best regards to Beatriz.

*aloha* from Germany and looking forward to hearing from you… tobi

27 07 2010
Hans Winter

I will see you next year in Germany: Roth here I go!!!
You should do it too… and we can have a good Bavarian beer while doing it! 🙂

23 07 2010

Good luck!! That’s all I can say.
I’ll keep track of where you are.

27 07 2010
Hans Winter

Thanks Derrilynn, it worked! Got under 13!! 🙂

22 07 2010

Hey Hans

Wish you a nice race this weekend and I’m sure you will beat your first IM time, even because you have much more experience now and it’s not a novice any more 🙂
Try to enjoy there and good luck!


22 07 2010

Here we go again! Yes, a lot can happen but usually fewer things happen the second time compared to the first, but always happens (it is all part of the competition….). I will try and follow you, hope everything goes nice and well, have a great Iron!


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