Now what?

13 07 2010

OK, taper is here. My training volume has reduced drastically. I will only workout 4 days of the week… mind you, I still have two days with 3 workouts, but not very long ones.

For a long time, I didn’t have any time to spare: wake up, workout, work, workout and sleep!

Today I felt almost guilty. I have helped my wife to cook dinner, played with the dog, watched a movie… and it is still wasn’t time to go to bed. Tomorrow I don’t have to wake up early either!

Is this how life was before triathlons?! I think the last time I had so much time in my hands was during the off-season, when I was told to do nothing for almost two months… yea, that drove me really crazy.

It is funny how we get used to this demanding routine. How we actually like the commitment and effort we put into the training. Most of my non-triathletes friends think I’m insane, but the truth is that it isn’t an effort as much as it is a life stile. A hard, good, healthy life style.

It is great resting, but I’m only doing it because the Woodstock told me so!



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