Week 18 – That is it!

12 07 2010

Yep, that is it. I’ve done all I could. I swam, biked and run as much as I could. I followed my schedule religiously (with rare exceptions). Now it is time to cash it in. During these next two weeks I hope to be fully recovered from previous workouts while at the same time, completely rested for the big event: Ironman Lake Placid!!!

Right now “Less is Best”. The hard part is over, there is nothing I can do now to improve my performance. I need to let my body recover, after all I did ask a lot from him! After 18 weeks I have done a total of:

  • Swimming 161 km
  • Biking 3,314 km
  • Running 654 km

So time to relax a bit!

No animals were harmed for this picture. (Argus is fine!)

I love triathlons, it is really like a drug. How else can you explain that the minute you cross the finish line after going for 140.6 miles, you are already thinking “Wow AWESOME, when will be the next one?”

I’m turning 40 this year. Not sure why, but it is a big land mark for me. But,  when I look at myself on the mirror, I don’t see a 40 year old guy, I still see a teenager full of energy (before my workouts!!) and enthusiasm.  According to wikipedia, middle life crises exhibits some of these behaviors:

  • abuse of alcohol
  • acquisition of unusual or expensive items
  • depression
  • blaming themselves for their failures
  • paying special attention to physical appearance
  • entering relationships with younger people
  • placing over importance on their children to excel

Me? I’ll do another  Ironman!!! I look at my bike and I think “Wow, what a cool bike!” Call it a middle age crisis, or whatever you want, but it beats buying a sports car (got the bike!), beats getting a young girlfriend (got my lovely wife!) and most important, it keeps me young and happy. My life is what I make out of it, regardless if I’m 20 or 40 years old!

Is it hard? Hell yes. I had a stupid bike crash this year (stopping at lights!), that is where you realize your not a child anymore. As a kid, it doesn’t hurt… at 40, well I didn’t break, but the road sure felt hard!

Did I get tired? Did I want to skip “that” workout? Did I want to sleep more instead waking up at 4am to bike on Thursdays? Absolutely!

Oh well, as per this week, it was a relatively easy one. I did miss one workout, yes, that early Thursday one… woke up 4sh, got on the bike and tried for 30 minutes. There was no juice left, I couldn’t get anything out of it… so went back to bed. But, Saturday I had my best bike ride yet, 205 W and 29 km/h average over 5 hours and 15 minutes. I had the best Mean Maximum Power for 30 min and above comparing to any other long bike (excludes races).

“Maybe” I wont win my age group, but if I can only beat one guy… myself!! 🙂

Summary of the week:



3 responses

15 07 2010

Very exciting, it is unbelievable that you are already going for another iron…

Congratulations for you middle life crisis (lol), I hope mine will be like this!

BTW – Thanks for the visit!


13 07 2010
Maria Simone maslife

This is it! Woo-hoo! Just 12 days to go. You are going to kill it 🙂

13 07 2010
Hans Winter

Hehe, 12 days to go… it is getting hard to concentrate on work or even sleep. Fortunately I have just finished a project and I’m not planning to take a new one before IMLP! :;

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