Week 17 – 2009 vs. 2010 training volume

5 07 2010

Wow, I am just 3 weeks away from IMLP, in fact 20 days. Time flies when you’re training!

I have been under the impression that I have being training much more than last year, but looking back to my training log, that is not exactly right. If I hadn’t have an injury (hamstring, which is now 100%) I would have trained quite a bit more, but as it turned out, with the injury and some taper weeks, it is not too far off:

Training Volume 2010 vs. 2009

I did a few races this year already, which I have tapered for:

  1. Week 15: Mississauga Half, 1:40 min, PB
  2. Week 18: Milton Sprint, 1:47, PB (in Milton)
  3. Week 21: Welland Half-Iron, 5:35, PB (best half-iron time, but course is FLAT and was first half-iron race in Welland)

Last year I didn’t really taper for any of these races, so it is kind of natural that I would do better this year, but it is also interesting that it would tend to reduce the volume for 2010, however, the average training volume is very close to the training for the two IMs (LP and France):

  • Average week volume in 2009 (first 22 weeks before the race): 12 hrs, 23 min
  • Average week volume in 2010 (first 22 weeks before the race): 12 hrs, 35 min

However, I started my “real” training for LP a bit later, so in fact my program this year is 20 weeks. What ever is before was actually off-season. considering the 17 weeks today, the average is: 13 hrs and 30 min.

Regardless, I’m surprised that the difference isn’t that big. The program (MAO) feels much longer… I guess because of the really long bikes and runs on the weekend, plus the several 3+ hours bike workouts on Thursdays! How can I forget those? I had to wake up at 4:30am to get them in!!

I know, too many numbers and I have a bunch. Tomorrow I will replace a speed session, which has a 2×12 min interval with a threshold test, where I will do a 20 min interval at maximum effort. I’m hopping to get 250W out of it, considering what I had done in Milton. I’ll talk about it next week.

Anyhow, week 17 was a long one. I trained 18+ hours, including a killer brick of 6:10 hrs bike + 30 min run. Now the problem wasn’t really the duration as it was the heat. I weight myself AFTER having a lasagna and lots of fluids and was still 1.5 kg below my weight… TOTALLY dehydrated. I did have lots of fluids that day, but not enough for the 28C heat with a 35C Humidex (or more).

Am I ready to qualify for Kona? Yes, I wish… but I think I’m ready to beat my embarrassing  14 Hrs and 23 Minutes of IM France!

The one thing that I have changed after Welland was adding salt pills to my long workouts (bike and run). The difference was night and day. It is just unbelievable how I could maintain my power on the bike for 6 hours. I’m so much better than two weeks ago it isn’t funny.

A lot of people had talked to me about taking salt pills, but I never listen. But reducing the energy drink and adding them made a WORLD of difference. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to test them on a couple long workouts with no side effects. The last thing you want is experimenting on race day!

Bring it on!!! I’m ready for Ironman Lake Placid!!!! Specially the two weeks before… TAPER!!!!



One response

12 07 2010
Maria Simone

14 hours is NOT embarrassing – I think that’s a great showing. And, in fact, I will be PUMPED if I make it in anywhere during the 14th hour. That being said, I can definitely appreciate the move for a PR. Given your training numbers here, I think you are on target. See you there!


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