Week 15 – Can I get some rest now?!

20 06 2010

I know, this is getting very repetitive, but I don’t think I can get more exhausted that I am today. I was feeling great up to Friday, even after biking 3:20 hours on Thursday at 5am and having a good Speed Run on Friday. After that, the lack of sleep caught up to me.

On Saturday I had no power what so ever. I laid around for most of the morning, not able to sleep and with no energy to do anything else either. I made it through 13:00, when I dragged myself to the pool, where I swam 4500 meters of the 5000 that I was supposed to do. I had no regrets when the Life Guard told me that time was up.

As I walked to the car with my wife (who swam 3500m), I could not believe how hot it was. I turn on the car’s AC and I couldn’t stop thinking how in hell would I ran 3 hours in that heat. Seriously, it was like 38C Humidex.

I waited a couple hours and finally left home around 6pm and it was still 36C with the humidex. I ran “heroically” at 10 km/h for 2 and half hours, when I just could not do it any more. I slowed down to 8 km/h and at 2:35 hrs, I decided to quit. I walked home finishing my workout with 27 km in 2:50. It was NOT fun.

The next day I go out biking, at 7am with Caca and Bruno (Bruno went for 2 hours). By the time Caca and I got to Lake Simcoe, I was jut dead. I told Caca I had a headache, nausea, and a bad stomach and he asked me: “Are you hang-over?” That was exactly the feeling, but I didn’t drink ANYTHING the day before. Dehydration… exhaustion, I don’t know.  I just thought it was better to leave it to another day. The interesting is that I did not push at all and somehow managed to finish 3:41 hours with a 194 Watts and 130 bpm, which is not bad. But clearly I had to stop.

I even fell asleep in the half-time of the Brazil x Ivory Coast game!

Anyhow, I’m SUPER glad the week is over and the following week is tapper for the Half-Iron in Welland. Hopefully I’ll feel MUCH better as the week goes by.

The numbers for the wee are:

PS: I’m pretty sure this post has more mistakes than usual, I’m just to tired to fix them!



2 responses

20 06 2010
bryan payne

H, keep up the good work, it is a tough plan and I think it’s more of an accomplishment to do it than the actual ironman.


21 06 2010
Hans Winter

Sometimes I feel I’m under-performing, as I can’t always do 100% of the schedule. Not because I don’t have time, but because it is exhausting!
Last year’s program I had a lower volume week every 4th week. MAO reduces one discipline, but at the same time increases another. NOT easy!


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