Week 14 – Summary: Tired but Feeling Good!

13 06 2010

A few years ago, when I started to participate on triathlons, I used to say: “Ironman distance triathlons is a stupid distance. It is not healthy. The longest I would ever do is an Olympic.”

Well, not even a year after saying that I was doing my first Ironman 70.3. Two years later, the first Ironman and now going for my second. I have to say that sometimes I question myself about the whole thing. Specially on a Sunday a day after biking 5 hours (143 km) INDOORS and getting ready to go out and run 2 hours and 30 minutes… just to get back home, eat two slices of pizza (only thing ready to eat) and leave again for 3.9 km swim… not to mention that I was super upset I didn’t have time to finish the 6 km that was supposed to swim.

Am I tired? yep, no doubt. But it is amazing what the human body can do. Saturday workout (5 hours bike + 30 Min run) was a proof of that. I finished the bike with NO power on my legs, nothing. I was averaging 185 W for 4 hours, and the last 30 min I could not get more the 150W, the last 10 min I was lucky to squeeze 130W out of my legs. I could only think “Damn, how will I run after this?”

To my surprise it was the best and easiest run of the whole week. I don’t know what happened, but I ran 11 km/h 146 to 150 bpm and I was only slowing down because I was supposed to keep the HR at 146. How? I don’t know, but that gives me hope for a good Ironman. Good meaning under 14 hours, targeting 13.

Right now, I’m just glad it is Sunday AFTER my workouts. I get a day of rest (Monday) where I’ll try to wash off my FATIGUE cologne!!!

18 hours and 11 minutes later, this was the longest week so far:

To be fair, considering what I’ve done this weekend I’m actually feeling OK. I’m even writing my weekly summary today… which I usually write on Monday! Best of all, no injuries. Hamstring is good, so I just need a day rest to start the next week, I’m far from done with my training.



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