Week 13 Summary – Milton Sprint

7 06 2010

And so it all started again: Milton Sprint 2010, the first triathlon of the season!

This was my first race on my new Age Group: 40 to 44. Unbelievable, but it happened to me. I’m turning 40 this year. I find it so unfair that we actually enter the 40-44 age group before we even turn 40. What is that all about? “The year you turn 40”? Come on, cut me some slack here!

We had a lot of luck with the weather. As we were driving to Milton at 7am, it was just pouring rain. I have to say that the thought of turning back home and going back to bed crossed my mind a few times on the way there…

Once we got there the weather opened a bit (at least it stopped raining!) and we actually had a pretty dry ride. A bit cold, but nothing really bad (14C).

The Swim: I started the swim very strong, I was between the first few people on my wave, and by the time we got to the second buoy I was already passing through the wave that left 3 min before us. I went out about 95% effort to get ahead of the pack and then dropped back to 90% effort. I got the 5th place (swim) on my age group!

T1: I was so happy with my swim I started talking to other two swimmers from my age group that happen to be beside me on T1. I kind of forgot the importance of T1 in a sprint, but it was fun.

Bike: I started the bike with very strong legs passing people like crazy, but quickly ran out of air. I don’t know why, but my breathing was getting heavier and heavier, although my legs were feeling strong. I decided to back off a bit until I passed the first (and only) big hill: 600m at 8.5%. It is not that much, but I got an average of 301W and 171 bpm. That was not good. From that point on I decided not to push too hard and see if I would get my breathing back to normal. That only happened 15 min later, when I got some flat spots. To make things worse, as I was finishing my descent on the same hill (at 80 km/h), I started to slow down for the 90 degree turn ahead, when I was cut-off by the guy in front of me. I barely manged to scape his back wheel, but fortunately, nothing happened… so as I turned and started to climb I had to quickly change my gears, which I would normally do before the turn. That didn’t work very well and off came the chain. I tried to catch it back in while using the momentum of the downhill, but I couldn’t do it. I had to stop and manually get it back in place.

I struggled for a few seconds, when suddenly out of the blue, one of the spectators came to help me. He put the chain back in for me! I’m very thankful to whoever he was as it would have cost me even more time to put it in the heat of the moment. Not sure if he was a volunteer or maybe with the organization, but my sincere thanks! I’m not sure he knows how happy I was to get back to my race.

I finished the bike with 55:42 minutes with an average power of 250W and 162 bpm, which is OK, but I’m sure I could have done better if… well that is the million dollar question, isn’t it?

T2: T2 was relatively quick. I didn’t chat to anyone while changing my shoes, but as I was exiting T2, I happened to start the run with the same guy that I was passing and being passed during the bike leg. Seriously, like at least 8 times: Kevin White.

Run: As usual I start chatting with the guy next to me, Kevin. Really nice guy from Ottawa, now living in Toronto. We basically ran together for the whole course. At the end he speed-up and left me about 15s behind.. and yes, he was from the same age group as me! Again, during the run I was feeling tired to begin with, and I just wanted the race to finish. I just wasn’t in it. Even my heart rate was relatively low, 165 bpm. Considering that I did the half marathon at an average of 172 bpm.

In summary, I wasn’t very happy with my time. Unlike Mississauga half-marathon, where I know I could not have done it any faster, I’m pretty sure I could have done this sprint better, but not sure how. Oh well, sprints were never my forte.

At the end of the day, I was about a minute better than last year, so I shouldn’t really complain. I would have done a bit better bike too if the chain didn’t come off, but that is also part of the show!

The important part is the that we had fun and thanks to my wife, who didn’t want to race Milton, we even got some pictures!

As far as the week goes it was the first easy one in a long time. Quite frankly, I needed that. I was getting pretty tired.



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12 06 2010

Great race Hans! Congrats for your new age group… lol…I found this part funny… good thing now I dont need to worry about you, you are not in my age group anymore…lol. 80Km/h is pretty scaring huh, I think this is not for me… Keep it up, you are doing great!


7 06 2010
bryan payne

Nice job hans. Incredible how close your bike ride time was.


8 06 2010
Hans Winter

It wasn’t as good as I would like it to be, but that is why he do these races… to get better!
I was exchanging some emails with MAO. I believe I should have eaten something after breakfast (6:30 am) since the race only started at 10am. Oh, well, leaving and learning!

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