Week 12 Summary

31 05 2010

This was another long week. I skipped one swim workout on Thursday as I was VERY tired. I also had a very short swim on Sunday… and I decided to move my Long Run to Monday as Sunday afternoon was 30C.

At the end of the day this is supposed to be fun. Running 3 hours under a burning sun of 30C is not my concept of fun. Instead I had a lovely run on Monday 5Am. It perfect! Started with 19C and by the time I got back it was 20.5C. Not only that, but the sun was always behind the trees.

Another bonus was the long ride on Saturday, what a perfect weather. Windy, but very nice. I was SUPER happy to finish my 6:15 hours with NO PAIN. The week before I quit the long bike at 5 hours as my knee was bothering me quite a bit. Not this time! Still kept a descent pace of 28.2 (198W), specially considering the wind.

I’m still far from where I would like to be on the run and bike as far as pace goes, but I’m just glad to be injury free now!



2 responses

5 06 2010

Hey Hans, nice week, good job! You ride pretty fast, average around 28Km/h…Tomorrow I will ride my 50Km at the Ride for Heart event, it is scaring me a little since I have not ridden more than 20Km lately… on the other hand you would not even sweat with such a short distance… It is really great running in the morning, especially now, I always start at 5/5:30… Keep going and keep us updated!


1 06 2010

Interesting how the perspective changes.. Now over 17 hours of training done per week and skipping planed workouts!

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