Week 11 – I quit!

24 05 2010

Quitting is the second hardest part of training, after opening the front door. But equaly important. This was a quitter’s week!

After the half marathon I was pretty sore,  my quads were killing me. I could barely walk downstairs…

  • Tuesday I was supposed to do a tempo ride (1 hour and a half), which I had to cut 20 min short, as my quads were just killing me! Quit #1
  • Wednesday I was supposed to do a long run (1:35 hrs), which was pure punishment, from start to end. My quads were just burning. Again, I had to cut short, another 20 min. Quit #2
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday were fine, finally! I even ran 2:40 hrs on Saturday, followed by a 5 km swim. Not bad!
  • Sunday I had a 5:30 hrs bike + 30 min run workout, which started great. I was pretty happy I was not dead after my long Saturday workouts.  Unfortunately after 5 hours my left knee started to ache, and it wasn’t getting any better. I decided to cut short the bike just 20 min and didn’t even run. Thanks to my wife, who rescued me from the middle of nowhere, I was able to quit! Quit #3

What’s with the 20 min??

Horrible week hey? Not really. I’m honestly glad I had the guts to stop every single time. It is truly hard to justify to myself when it is enough pain that I should stop. I’m just coming off a nagging hamstring injury, which copmletely through me off from my schedule. My normal attitude is to muscle through the pain and get the workout done, no matter what, but not this time.

Listen to your body.

This week was the longest so far, I trained over 18 hours. Yea, maybe I’m not as good as I would like to be, but I’m in one piece and that is what matters. I’m ready for next week.

9 to go!



2 responses

25 05 2010
bryan payne

Good work Hans. Good calls.

25 05 2010
Hans Winter

Eventually I’ll learn it.

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