Week 10 Summary (Mississauga 1/2)

16 05 2010

This was an interesting week. It was very compressed as I had two days to tapper for the Mississauga 1/2 Marathon on the weekend. I even had a 4:30 hrs bike ride on Thursday, which I had to take the day off work to get it in… In fact Thursday was really hard because after 130 km bike ride, I swam 3950 yards.

Anyhow, the race at the end was great:

  • Distance: 21.1 km
  • Course Grade: -0.4% (78m drop over 21.1km)
  • Time (chip): 1:40:38.2 (yea, Caca will bug me for that one…)
  • Pace: 4:45min/km (12.6 km/h)
  • Heart Race avg: 173 bpm

The plan was to follow my heard rate as prescribed by MAO (151-166 bpm)… but as you can see that plan didn’t fly! Bruno, Leandro and I started together, while my wife started a bit behind.

The three of us were together until km 3, but then we left Leandro behind and I kept with Bruno. Bruno was on a schedule, he wanted to finish at 1:40 and my goal was 1:42, but I figured I’ll keep up with him until I can and then I have 2 min in my pocket.

That new strategy was great, as Bruno kept checking the time and adjusting the pace accordingly, while I was just checking my HR, which was way to high to begin with, but I was feeling good. I thought about Around the Bay in 2009, where I averaged 170 bpm over 30 km, so I knew I should be able to maintain that HR.

I chased Bruno until the 18th km, when I lost him on a hill (I was 183 bpm and I thought that I should not kill myself!) In any case I still kept an eye on him as he slowly ran away. The last 2 km, I checked the time and I was at 1:30 hrs, which made me feel great as I knew that no matter what, I would be able to maintain a 6:00 min/km pace and reach my goal, so I tried my best to finish on 1:40… which, to my surprise, I did! Bruno was just 20 seconds ahead!!

I have to say, if it wasn’t for him, I would finish around 1:44 or even worse. Not sure what MAO thinks about my HR average, but I was quite happy with my time, 4 minutes better than last year!

Some interesting Stats from the race:

  • First 10.6 km: 168 bpm (4:49 min/km)
  • last 10.6 km: 178 bpm (4:42 min/km)
  • Last 60 min: 177 bpm (4:43 min/km)
  • Last 30 min: 180 bpm (4:42 min/km)
  • Peak 5s HR: 189 bpm (3:45 min/km finishing line)

Leandro finished in 1:49, after having some issues with his knee (again). But considering that his longest run was about 15km this year (once) he did alright!

Beatriz… my beautiful wife! She didn’t workout for the last 14 days, while her mom was visiting us. She did just one run before the race (16 km) – which she should not have done! But, she still managed to finished at 2:10. Well done!

The week totals were:



5 responses

23 05 2010

Wow, 1:40 and 2:10, what a great race, congratulations both of you (and the bunny of course)!

BTW, next weekend there is the Ironman in Florianopolis (aka Floripa Ironman). Hope I can watch on the internet… I think you should consider this Iron one day, Floripa is great!


25 05 2010
Hans Winter

I would love to Floripa, if it wasn’t for the time of year (I would have a lot of long bikes indoors!). The other problem is money, flights to Brazil are so $$ and I’m not sure I would like to bring my bike… Having said that, it must be an AWESOME race.

Anyhow, Mississauga was great, to bad you didn’t make it. When is your next race?


25 05 2010

Ok, I have to agree with you, Floripa is complicated… As for my next race, I have no plans other than Around the Bay 2011, but who knows…


17 05 2010

You owe me one bunny credit! I’ll draft you in some race! Well done, 1:40 was a tough pace.

16 05 2010

We all loved this one!
I couldn’t ask for more for myself considering I still have no training plan for 2010 and no running routine.. Completing the race is almost like cheating.
I couldn’t find the same 2:10 bunny so followed the 2h bunny for the first 10km. He had given me a bracelet with the splits for a 2h run, I had a parameter there and after he disappeared I kept myself no more than 10 min behind those times. To my surprise I end up at the 50 percentile in my age group.
Comparing how I felt today and at last year’s race I believe 2:10 is my real time today, average HR of 172. Unfortunately I could have followed a faster bunny in 2009, I didn’t need the 10:1 walks then as much and my avg HR was lower.
My goal is to prepare that training plan once and for all. The bracelet works, I might use it next time.
And to everybody who ran today, Congratulations! I hope you all enjoyed and are already planning the next one too!

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