Week 9 Summary

10 05 2010

This was a lonely week. My wife was away travelling with her mom while I was home working, taking care of the dog and Training. There was no treadmill run or any trip to the gym, all outdoors… and obviously it ALWAYS started to rain when I went out. Wednesday and Friday were very wet and cold runs.

On Friday I did the first speed work, which was interesting to say the least. I ran at an overall 11.5 km/h avg, but all the intervals around 13.5 km/h with a HR of ~162 bpm, which is pretty low for that pace (for me at least). Unfortunately, even though the HR wasn’t that high, it felt much harder than 162 would feel last year.

The other bugger of the week was the long bike. I had to do 4:30 hours, which I had to do indoors as the weather didn’t help: cold, windy and wet! Not a good combination for long bike ride. Therefore I decided to use the old 75% rule and do a bit shorter indoor workout. I planned for 4:00 hrs (I know, more than 75%), but at 3:47 hrs I got a cramp on my left hamstring (again), so instead of hustling the last 13 minutes, I decided to call it a day.

On a good note, I did a long run on Sunday (2:25 hrs, 25 km, 144 bpm) and my hamstring didn’t bug me much. I still have a small nagging feeling, but it doesn’t get worse or better… so I just got used to it. Most important, the following day I had no pain either.

In summary, this was a good week, got back to my regular volume and intensity. Still no running legs, but I have legs! 🙂



2 responses

10 05 2010

Are you still doing Mississauga this weekend? Are you SURE?

10 05 2010
Hans Winter

I ran 25 km on Saturday and my leg didn’t get worse, and I did a speed workout on Friday… also same thing. So, yep, I’m going. Not going to go all out, but I’ll be there. Targeting ~1:50 hrs.

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