Week 8 Summary

2 05 2010

Week 8 was a big improvement, I got a bit more volume, and I even increased the intensity a bit. Having said that, My fitness definitely took a hit. My running is now just pathetic. I can not believe what I’m seeing.

I’m running at 8.6 km/h on the treadmill (at 1.o incline) with a 137 bpm. Seriously, what is that? I’m back to what I was about 2 months ago. Before my injury I was running at 10.8 km/h at 140 bpm outdoors, which wasn’t great, but considerably better. Well, I can only hope I’m going to improve relatively fast… and not re-injure the hamstring.

Week 9 is when I’m supposed to start speed work, which quite frankly, scares me. I’m not sure my hamstring is ready for that. My first speed run is on Friday. I might do the workout, but without going too hard. In other words, I’ll go faster, but not all out. I got to a point that I don’t really care with my running performance as long as I don’t get hurt!

In a positive note, I didn’t lose so much fitness on the bike and nothing on the swim. I had a good “long” ride on Saturday (2:30+30 Brick), where I’ve averaged 185 Watts (196 normalized), which is fine… not super fast for two and half hours, but still ok. Heart rate was under control at 139 bpm. I have to say, the bike is my favorite sport!

The only issue was riding with Caca… he really made me look bad! The bastard 🙂 is like 10% faster than me right now (30 km/h vs. my average of 27.9 km/h). Fortunately I manage to control my ego and kept my pace, which paid dividends with my hamstring. I rode with Fernando, who was riding on a very comfortable pace, very steady as usual.

As per numbers, here is what I ended up this week:



One response

3 05 2010

You are not comparing the same thing – running indoors and outdoors… Wait, and it’ll come back. You wouldn’t lose fitness in such period of time, unless you were completely sedentary.

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