Slowly but surely

23 04 2010

Half week is gone. I can’t say that I trained a lot, but I’m making progress.

I’m slowly getting back to my regular workouts. I started biking again on Thursday, doing an astonishing Hour and Half just under of 120W (115 bpm!). But at the end my legs were feeling fine, no pain. I also got another saddle at Dornellas and Eon did a fantastic job re-fitting the bike for me. I feel much more comfortable and it think it is less effort too, but I will know for sure when I resume the intensity.

Today I did my first run since last Friday, also an amazing 7:00 min/km pace (123 bpm, 82 rpm). The good news is that my hamstring did not complain. I still feel it a bit stiff, but it is not getting worse as I run and it actually feels better than before I ran.

The goal is to continue with this extra-low intensity next week and resume the overall training schedule (time wise). I also updated all the percentages of completed workouts and re-calculated the weeks to come. That caused the volume for the next following weeks to reduce quite a bit, which right now is what I need: Slowly get back in shape. The most important is not re-injuring the hamstring.

On a side note, I’m swimming like I never did before. I finished 800 yards followed by 1000 yards (1 min rest between) at 1:25min/yards. My personal best for the distance! I guess I’m rested when I swim, which was not the case a few weeks back.



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