Week 6 Summary

20 04 2010

Well, I can’t say this was a great week. I’ve only trained Tuesday to Friday and as I mentioned on my last post, I’m not running or biking since Friday. The total hours of training las week was just over 7 hours.

I got a massage yesterday, but I still can feel my left hamstring, so I will not resume training yet. I will wait another two days and perhaps bike on Thursday morning, but if so at a very low intensity.

Here is a what I’m thinking… I got a little burn on my left hand (touched the oven element while putting a pizza in).  Everytime I think about resuming the program I’ll look at my hand. If it is still healing, I should wait. Like the leg, the hand doesn’t hurt unless I touch the wound, so just because I can’t see the injury it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It takes time to heal and I have to take a deep breath and wait.

As my wife said, I look like a wild animal in a cage! I’m prbably behaving like one too.



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