Full Stop

17 04 2010

It has been two weeks since I hurt my left hamstring. It got better after I got a massage last Monday, but it is still bugging me. It is time to make a very difficult decision: no Biking, running until further notice.

I think it is better to stop now and take my time to heal properly instead of dragging a little injure along until it becomes a bigger issue. Trust me this is not an easy decision. Training for an Ironman is not an easy task, and it is not just because you have to train a lot, but is knowing when to listen to your body and taking a break. Ironman becomes part of your life, it is not one event, it is a routine that you perform day after day. Changing your routine is not easy, for me this is harder than starting a diet… which by the way is not necessary when you are training for an Ironman!

The only sport I will continue to do is swimming. I might introduce a couple mode trainingsessions over the week to maintain some of my aerobic fitness. Once I have no more pain on my hamstring I’ll slowly resume normal training.



One response

17 04 2010

Oh, no!!! But I agree, better stop now than close to the IM.


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