Week 5 Summary

13 04 2010

 Week 4 was fantastic! Outdoor rides, lots of nice weather, great results…

 So comes week 5. Turns out that I pushed myself to hard on week 4, averaging 200W on a 4:45 hours + 30 min Brick workout. The following day I ran 1 hour and 40 min at 10.8 km/h… and I could feel my hamstring.


I started week 5 and my hamstring was still sore. After a tempo bike (1:15 hrs), my leg was stiff and tight. I still carried on with the training on Wednesday, but I realized I should take care of the hamstring, as it was not getting better. Mind you, it wasn’t a great pain or anything, but it was there, just waiting for the right moment to become a problem.

 “Listen to your body”. I thought it was better to treat it now than letting it get worse closer to the race. I contacted MAO and they also told me to reduce the volume and see how it goes. I ended up the week with just 10 hours and 18 minutes. I basically cut the remaining of the week in half and I also reduced the intensity.

 On Monday afternoon I went for a massage, which was great! The muscles really loosen-up, although I still feel it a bit, the pain is almost gone. Week 6 will be interesting…



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