Week 4 Summary

5 04 2010

What a great week! Spring is definitely here. The weather could not have been better and we got a bonus too, it was a long weekend (Good Friday)!

I had the opportunity to go outside for my first outdoors bike ride. I also took thursday off and went to Markham, where I biked for 3 hours (85 km). And what a difference. Not only is it more pleasant, but it is a much better workout. I’ve been averaging 180W on the computrainer and outside I was around 200w! I guess there are two factors that cause that:

  1. Air: nothing like fresh air compared to a closed room with a fan. There is more oxygen and it is not as warm, and the smell of the farms!
  2. Speed: I want to go faster! It is not just about making a number, it is about feeling it. It is not a workout, it is a true joy!

No kidding, you got to love it! And there is also the Canadian Scenery:

Lake Simcoe - Spring in Canada!

The week 4 summary was:



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