Week 4 – Good Start

30 03 2010

Tuesdays are great! Yea, you still have a long week of work ahead, but I’m fresh since I don’t workout on Mondays.

As you can see on my previous post, I workout a total of 15:41 hours, which is a lot considering it was the 3rd week of training. I’ve compared that to the third week for IM France when I trained 11:39 hours. That’s 4 hours more!

Now, the interesting part is that I’m feeling very well. Absolutely no muscular pain or any other pain for that matter. I’ve seen a consistent improvement across the board: swim, bike and run.  For example, Sunday, I’ve done 4×400’s on a 50m pool at 1:40/100m, which is not bad at all for me. Running is a different story. I’ve been able to maintain the same pace for much longer at the same HR, but my actual speed has not changed much at least not as much as my power output on the bike, which brings me to my workout today…

1:30 Hours with 139 bpm and 183 W (normalized power)

Week-4 Tempo Bike (click to enlarge)

It is interesting to see how the power is actually going up even towards the end of the workout. In fact, it was easier to output a higher wattage at the end than it was at the beginning of the workout, probably because I was warmed-up.

In any case, so far so good. Lets see what the rest of the week will look like. I need to find a way to get more sleep… I’m sleeping about 7 hours/night. Ideally I would like to stay at 8 or at least 7:30 hrs/night, which would provide me a better recover…



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3 04 2010

Hey Hans!

Nice, you are back! Glad to see your training is going so well and that you are ready for another Ironman! I’ll be watching… Hey, the weather is helping a lot this weekend, huh? I am enjoying so much my running training…

BTW – I did not find you at the Around the Bay last weekend… You said you were going to beat me this year… Oh boy, that would’ve been hard since I improved 10 minutes from last year, it was a really wonderful race, I missed both of you! Especially the ride… just kidding!

Take care!


30 03 2010
bryan payne

Awesome improvements Hans. Keep up the good work. Prediction – this will be your best year.

30 03 2010
Hans Winter

Bryan, I hope you’re right!

Well, having done the first IM in 14:23, it wont be an impossible task!! 🙂

30 03 2010

Don’t forget that for IM France we did a 24 weeks program, this time is only 20 weeks, so you should compare this year 3rd week against last year’s 7th week. I still believe we are putting more hours this year anyways, but the difference won’t be as big. And I don’t believe we had weights/strength workouts either. I didn’t do any.

Oh, and keep in mind that last year we used to have a recovery week every 4th week in… oh boy, how I miss them… LOL

Keep up the good swimming! I might be drafting of you in Lake Placid!!! :o)

30 03 2010
Hans Winter

Yea, right! The day you draft of me on the swim I’ll qualify for Kona! 🙂

You are right about the 24 weeks, I didn’t think about that. The 7th week last year is when I got food poisining, so that doesn’t count. The 6th week was 14:30 hrs. After that it didn’t increase much. I have just one day with 19hrs and the rest is about 14 to 15 hrs…

Hehe, this week will be even worse!!! 😉

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