Spring is here!

19 03 2010

For people in Canada, spring is a big deal! I never really understood this until I moved here, about 11 years ago.

When I first got to Canada it was beginning of April… I will never forget driving to Algonquin with a couple of friends, one of them got to Canada the year before and he kept asking me to leave the windows open. Coming from Brazil, 18C is not weather for open windows!!

Now I know exactly why Canadians feel like that! And that is kind of how I feel now, running outside!

I just finished a 50 min Tempo Run, still trying to keep my heart-rate between 136 and 146 bpm, which is much harder to do outdoors than on the treadmill. I noticed a few things:

  1. My cadence is slower outdoors (80 instead of 83 rpm indoors)
  2. My heart-rate and pace are all over the place
  3. I feel much better outside!

What makes it even harder is that I moved closer to a park (Sunnybrook) that, although great to run, it is pretty hilly, which does not help when you trying to keep a certain cadence and HR zone.

Click to Enlarge Picture

I tried my best to keep my HR low, but at the last hill, running up hill in the park in the middle of a bunch of dogs and kids playing, I just couldn’t walk! I know, I should leave my ego at home… but just for 5 min, going up a 6.6% hill, I had to run! I could not disappoint the kids!! 🙂

Now I’m just hopping the weather holds for the long run on Sunday.

I’m still biking indoors though, come on, 6C in the morning is still freezing cold for biking, after all I am still Brazilian!!! Water freezes at 10C down there! 😉



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