First Week of IMLP Training

13 03 2010

First week and unfortunately it wasn’t the start I was expecting. I started the week with a stomach flu and did my first workout on Thursday morning, a 2:15 Hours bike ride at a not impressive 161W, 145 bpm. Just no energy.

Still on Thursday I swam 3km, but not very impressive either. The problem is that today is Saturday and I had another disappointing workout, 3 hours at 161W/140bpm. I was suppose to go for 4 hours, but I just didn’t have the energy. Since I can allow myself to do only 75% of the workout, since it was biking indoors on the trainer… I decided to use that wild-card today.

Tomorrow I’ll be up early to star my swim at 7:15am and a bit later 1:20 hours of run.  Lets see how that goes. I was feeling great until the the day before I actually started the performance training…. but lets have a look at what I did this year.

I was looking at my training after Carlos made a comment regarding his training last year. He believes that last year he had being training way to easy on his long bikes workouts. That made me think and I went back to my records to check what I was doing.

I looked at my power zones for the bike, which is now about the same as last year at this time and I compared that to what I’m doing now. I also looked at my time on each HR zone for the run. One thing to keep in mind is that I started my training for IM France in the first week of Jan/09 and I have just started my training for IM Lake Placid this week. So we are basically comparing Mark Allen’s off-season to Matt Fitzgerald’s peak performance training.


If you look at the graph above, the first thing that jumps out is the actual volume. The total training time on the bike in 2010 is only 4 hours less than in 2009, which is quite surprising considering that we are comparing off-season to season training.

The other interesting point is that the I’m pushing harder now than in 2009. Not much more, but still more time in Tempo Zone (163 to 195 Watts).

In summary, I’m training about the same volume and a little bit harder. The volume should change quite a bit now, since Mark Allen’s program has a quite heavy volume at relatively low intensity. The reason I say relatively is because the bases all the training in HR zones and the zones that he proposes for bike and run are the same… which for me at least, makes the bike harder and the run much easier. You will see on the next graph.


Here again we see that the volume is quite close, just 3 hours less compared to last year. However, the intensity is soooo different to what I had being doing! Last year I spent most of the time on Zone 4 (148-156 bpm) and 5 (157-161 bpm), whereas this year is basically only Zone 2 (122-141 bpm) and 3 (142-147 bpm).

The difference is absolutely shocking. However, that comes with a cost: speed.

Don’t laugh, but I’m spending most of my time at zone 2, which is between 6:14 to 5:32 min/km!! Yea, that slow.

Having said that, my runs are much more comfortable. I used to hate running, but now 1:30 hours is a peace of cake. I’m just hopping to see my speed increasing at the same HR, but according to other people that followed this approach, it takes months.

Time will tell. For now, I just hope to get back on my feet and get some good quality training next week. Volume will really pick up with the Peak Performance training!



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