Let the games begin!

8 03 2010

March 8th, 20 weeks away from IM Lake Placid. I’ll start my Performance Training… and it will be a lot of hours.

The first week and I already have 2:15 hours bike on Thursday and 4 hours bike on Saturday, not to mention 1 hour 20 minutes run on Sunday!!!

We have an old saying in Brazil, that obviously wont translate very well, but it is something like “If you are in the rain, you must get wet”. In other words, that is why I’m here for. If it was easy everyone would do it.

Regardless of the training, the important thing is to have fun, so lets do it!



4 responses

13 03 2010

glad to see that you are back on the blog!

15 03 2010
Hans Winter

Winter is almost done… I’m getting more motivated! 😉

8 03 2010
Jerome Trail

Hi Hans,
I own a 4 bedroom house in the middle of Lake Placid and want to try and rent it out during Ironman. Is there a central place to post accomodations for rent? I have looked around and I am not able to find anything simple.

8 03 2010
Hans Winter

Hi Jerome,
The only place I saw was http://www.ironmanlakeplacid.com/lodging.php. But you can’t really add anything there. You might want to send them an email through http://www.ironmanusa.com/contact/index.php.
The guys I know have already made reservations.

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