Maintenance Training is almost done

3 03 2010

I’m going to miss it. I had a sneak peak on my next program and it is going to be HARD or at least it will have long days.

As I mentioned before, I was pretty please with MAO’s maintenance program. I was kind of worry about the 2 months I took off, but I’m fully recovered from that now! No injuries, other than a tinny back pain I got after separating my dog from another dog that attacked him… not easy holding two big dogs by yourself, but that is another topic.

Next week it is time for the real training. I created a Performance Program last week, which would start on March 8th, but little did I know, but when you create a program the old one disappears; so I had to ask them to roll it back so that I could see my last week of my maintenance program. Anyhow to make a long story short, I had a sneak peak at the next program.

What was interesting is that when I created the new program, I kept the same answers for the questions as I had when I filled it out for the first program (i.e. based on my fitness level at the peak for the Ironman). The problem is that although I’m not far from the performance that I was before (e.g. power on the bike), I don’t think I have the same Endurance. I’m not so sure I can comfortably keep 6 hours on the bike at moderate pace, specially not on the trainer!

The result? Based on my Ironman answers, my first long bike would have been 4 hours! I’m really not looking forward to spend that much time on the trainer. I think that is probably the best I can today on the trainer at moderate pace… so what I will do for the next time is adjusting the answers to reflect my fitness level today, not what I was last year.

The last thing I would want is to get over-trained… AGAIN! I’ll leave my ego at home and I’ll answer the questions as honestly as I possible can. 😉

Next week the fun starts: 20 weeks to IM Lake Placid and counting!



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