Workout of the Week!

23 02 2010

OK, this was the first workout of the week, so it was the best one! 🙂

There are some das though that you just feel right. This morning I woke up, got a yogurt and on to the bike. I was happy that I could “sleep in” as I only had a one hour Tempo Ride scheduled for the morning, a real luxury!

So I start the computrainer, load a previous performance from September/2009 to keep me honest. Well, that was a bit of an issue. I wasn’t really able to keep up with me (I was about 10W lower at the same HR)! Having said that, I did quite alright!

If  you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the data on the left:

  • Normalized Power: 179 Watts
  • Heart Rate Avg: 139 Bpm

The most surprising for me though, was that I usually find the bike workouts at this Heart Rate very hard, and today it was so easy to maintain a good power and HR!

Well, I guess we have good and bad days. This is definitely a good one! 🙂

March 8th is approaching, when I will start the real training… Peak Performance Program for IM Lake Placid. I had a look on what is waiting for me, and the first long bike is 4 hours. Well, I might change that, but we will see. That is for another post!



4 responses

27 02 2010

uau narigudo näo é que vc virou um Ironmen mesmo, estou impressionado com sua performace e näo deixa de ser um estimulo para o amigo barrigudo voltar a correr, mande noticias com que esta a Bia e o restante da familia ?

27 02 2010
Hans Winter

Wow voce olha neu blog? Que legal!

Eu coloco uns updates no twitter tambem, no lado direito do blog aparece la, mas sao so umas mensagens curtinhas.

Aqui estamos otimos. Trabalhando pra caramba e sem dinheiro. Vai tudo para pagar a casa e as reformas!

Que dia voces vao visitor a gente aqui? Agora tem 4 quartos! 🙂



25 02 2010

what’s your w/kg at that HR Hans? Tracy

25 02 2010
Hans Winter

Hi Tracy
Unfortunately only 2 watts per kg. It’s all relative, though. It was worse before 🙂

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