Wow! Talking about out of shape…

24 10 2009

Now that the 2009 season is behind me, I’m staring to look forward for the 2010 Season. I took 6 weeks off and I’ll be starting to train again in November, following the MAO (Mark Allen Online) Maintenance Training Program.

In the meantime, I haven’t done much. In 6 weeks I went once to the gym, ran twice and biked once. Today I put my Heart Monitor on and went for quick run… Oh boy!! I knew I lost some fitness, but I had no idea how bad it was until today. Check these stats:

  • Distance: 5.25 km
  • Duration: 31:46
  • Pace: 9.9 km/h
  • HR: 159 bpm (???)
  • Cadence: 82 rpm

Now, seriously, 159 bpm at 9.9 km/h? What was that? I don’t remember running this bad in the last 3 years. Granted, I was trying to increase my cadence, which didn’t really work either, I’m usually at 79 to 80 rpm and I averaged 82 today.

My goal during the Maintenance program is to keep my HR in the correct zones and increase my cadence. However, when I concentrate on my cadence, my heart rate goes through the roof! Well, I guess it is combination of things, 5 weeks off and cadence… I don’t know, but to follow Mark Allen’s prescribed HR zones, I’ll be waking, a LOT.

Time will tell. I’ll stick to the program. Hopefully next year I’ll see some improvements. The good side is that it can only go up from here! 🙂

How bad am I?

How bad am I?



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30 11 2009

Hans! How is the MAO working out for you? I’m thinking about signing up for the maintenance plan. My average HR during the Angus Glen Half Marathon was 171! I did manage to pull of a PB (1:41:30) but I somehow think that running at 171bpm can’t be good for me because soon after the race I caught a viral infection and was down for a week!

24 10 2009
bryan payne

Hans, for sure you’ll be walking a lot. It took me about 4 -5 months until I got the HR under control. The upside is that training doesn’t seem that hard, you don’t get injured or burnt out. And of course if you stick with it, it works.

Good luck.


25 10 2009
Hans Winter

I’m not as much concerned about the HR as I am with the cadence. The HR I can control by walking, but the cadence is SO hard.

I’ll stick to with the program for sure. You’re a living example that it works! 🙂

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