70.3 Ironman Muskoka Pre-Race

9 09 2009

It is funny that we are now 4 days before the the event and, unlike last year, I’m not nervous at all. It is all about perspective.

Last year was great, but I hope the weather is a bit drier this year and I also hope to improve my time a bit. I don’t think I’m at my best, but I’m sure I’m much better now than a few weeks back. As it turns out, I was overtrained, but I think I got over it! I took a week off, than I cut the training my 40% and stopped any speed work.

Last week I was back to my normal schedule, but that was Tapper, which means that I end up loosing half of my second peak phase after Ironman France. Probably not ideal, but my body just couldn’t handle it. In the flip side, I’m feeling quite good now! Last week I did a 84 km bike ride with an average of 214 Watts! That is my best average EVER in a long ride. The speed average wasn’t that great as we got quite a bit of head wind on the downhill.

2009 Last Group RideThis ride was also the last group ride of 2009. Almost all Sandbaggers were there, except Paulo, Fernando and Chris, which was a pity, we had a great time. We left from Bruno’s house and rode around Brampton through some really nice country roads. Other than the 3 flat tires that Lili had… everything went great! 😉

2009 Last Group Ride MapThe day before I did a long run, which wasn’t bad either. I was actually pretty happy with my heart rate, which I averaged 144 bpm and 10.7 km/h (5:36 min/km) pace. Considering that it was 1 hour and 30 minutes, it wasn’t bad at all, specially because the HR didn’t change at any time, until I did a quick sprint at the end.

2009 Last Long Run

Most important of all, I have NO INJURIES! Knock on wood… not even my hamstring is hurting, which usually happens after a long run. So I guess I’m ready for Muskoka! If not a better time than last year, I’m sure going to have the same fun!!!

This year the following Sandbaggers will be in Muskoka:

  • Beatriz: I wish I could say that my wife was ready for this race, that she had trained like hell and it would be a piece of cake, but she has a different type of schedule and training technique, which I will never understand. Having said that, somehow she always manages to finish, so I’ll be there cheering for her and if I’m not too tired, I’ll walk back and run the last few kms with her! May the force be with you!
  • Bruno: I think he is going to kick my ass in the run. He is really running well this year. I might be able to beat him because of the swim and bike, but I would not be surprised to see him passim me at the end! It would be great if we can cross the finish line together.
  • Carlos (Caca): well, what can I say? The guy always swam better than me, we used to be about the same on the bike and I would run faster… but that was the past! I’m pretty sure he will be faster in all three disciplines this year. He has been training a lot and I think he will be at least 5 min ahead of me on this one. I’ll try to catch up, but I find it nearly impossible. At least I’ll have a carrot to run after!
  • Leandro: I have to say, I didn’t have high hopes for him (sorry buddy!) but after biking with him on Sunday, I was amazed how much he improved! He usually didn’t kept up the whole way, but this time was different… I think he is ready too and will do a much better time than last year!
  • Rogerio: What can I say about him? I think he has the same coach as Beatriz! Although, the last few months he has been training and not only swim/bike/run, but also how to come up with excuses!!! He is definitely the “Sandbagger Master”. Don’t get me wrong, he is the best runner and used to be the worst swimmer, but after swimming with the ladies at the masters… he is another man! I never know what to expect from him, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him at the run too!

Well, that is it. I wish you all the best of luck in the race, it is now time to relax and absorb  your training! You can’t improve in the last week, so carb load and lets have some fun!!




7 responses

9 09 2009
Carlos (Caca')

So, from anchor to carrot, eh? hahahahahhahahahhaha!!!

I am starting to get excited about this race. Looking forward to finding out how Team Sandbaggers is going to finish the season.

Now all we can do is: carbo load, carbo load and carbo load! Lots to eat, but not enough time!

9 09 2009
Hans Winter

I’ll literally be on your toes during the swim!! I’ll draft for as long as I can keep up, so don’t kick me!!!! 🙂

9 09 2009
Carlos (Caca')

And I hope to be drafting after somebody else as well!!! We will look like a train… hehehehehhehehehe…

9 09 2009

He, he, he… had a good laugh reading your post. Keep in mind: I’ll be starting 6 minutes behind you, so there’s NO WAY I’ll pass you. Besides, I don’t think I’ll be faster than you. Nor Rogerio – I think you’ll be just behind Caca. You’re recovered from overtraining, plus you have volume, which Rogerio, Leandro and I don’t have.

You’ll do fine..


9 09 2009
Hans Winter

I forgot, you’re in another wave… well, in that case, I hope I’ll see you after the race! 🙂

9 09 2009

No way dude, I’m going to be too far (back) from you. Probably you will be crossing the finish line while I will be starting my run course.
I have my own theory of training, and it says “better undertraning than overtraining” hehehe…
Good luck to all of us there!!

9 09 2009
Hans Winter

Yea, blah, blah, blah! Once a sandbagger, always a sandbagger! 😉

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