Low Heart Rate Running

3 08 2009

I’ve been trying to lower my running Heart Rate for a while now. Since I did my 1/2 Marathon in 1:43 but at a an average of 168 bpm… I figured I had to do something about it.

Bryan told me about his training with Mark Allen, and how he started to run at 140 bpm, leaving his pride at home and even walking when his HR went up. Well, why not? So every Foundation run and Long run, I’ve been doing at 146 bpm. I started with 150 bpm, but according to Mark Allen‘ calculations, I lowered even more.

Well, it should be easier right? Well, I’m running much slower, in fact I haven’t run consistently at 12 km/h for quite a while now. I’m not really tired after I’m done with my runs, but I still feel my legs a bit heavy afterwards. The most frustrating part though is that I feel I can run faster and I have to hold back. That really gets to my nerves, but I’m hanging in there. I hope it pays of at the end.

The only drawback of this training is that I know I’m doing it at the wrong time. I should have started in my off-season and through out my base phase, not at the peak phase just a month away of the 70.3 IM. Anyhow, the goal is to get better for next year. Besides, last year I did the 1/2 Marathon (during the triathlon) at 2:06 at an average of 157 bpm… so if I run like now, it would be the same time, just at a much lower rate rate! See below a 2 hour run at the annoying 146 bpm. (BTW, I know that just running is not the same as running at the 70.3)

146 bpm 2 hours



3 responses

5 08 2009

I’m already seeing the results of low HR training. I’m a believer!


3 08 2009
bryan payne

Keep it up and you’ll be shocked at how much faster you’ll get at much less effort next season.

3 08 2009
Hans Winter

Oh man, I hope so… this is just killing me! 🙂

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