Nice Day 1

25 06 2009

I’m going to be quick, as I’m very tired…

We landed in Nice at 14:20 as scheduled. As the plane was landing, I could see the Mediterranean Sea and I couldn’t stop thinking that I would be swimming quite a bit in those waters. I got butterflies on my stomach. It was the first time I really got nervous about the race.

Once we touched down, the next stress was the bike. Did it make it? Do I have my bike? You never know what can happen… Fortunately it was there! I was so relieved to see it, you can not imagine. It even came before the bags. Who needs bags anyway? 🙂

As soon as we got got everything, we got a bus that was suppose to stop in front of the hotel, and it did, but we didn’t get off. Instead we were chatting with a German guy that was going to race too. So we had to walk a few blocks back to the hotel. A great usage of the greatest invention of all, the wheel! I had my backpack with cameras and the bike box, while Beatriz  was pulling the two bags.

At the hotel, we checked in and as soon as we walked into the room, Beatriz went to the shower, and I started unpacking and mounting the bike. Again, no problems. Took me about 30 minutes and I even had some spare pieces! I brought some quick-release, just in case, as I couldn’t remember seeing it in the box. I didn’t want to take any chances and if I had forgotten something, I would want to find out as soon as possible to get it resolved. All good though. Tomorrow I’ll go for a test drive, I don’t think it would have been a wise idea to ride as tired as I was (actually, I am!)

Once I was done with the bike, I took a quick shower and then we left the hotel. We walked along the beach to the bike fair, which is about 10 minutes walk. Unfortunately I forgot to take an ID with me to register, so I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

The good part was that as soon as we walked into the fair, we saw Carlos and Fernanda. If we had planned it, it wouldn’t be that perfect! Carlos registered and Beatriz and I went for snack, we haven’t had a decent meal yet. We then bought two Boyle sunglasses (one for me, one for Beatriz).

We walked back to the hotel with Carlos and Fernanda and we stopped at a grocery shop to get some stuff for breakfast. Immediately after we went for dinner (pasta) and here I am, writing, almost sleeping… in fact, that is exaclty what I’ll do now, I’m going to hit the sack!



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