IM France Bike Course – Hard Spots

18 06 2009

For what is worth, here is a detailed look at the hard spots of the IM France Bike course, based on my Computrainer Bike Profile and what I did back in April. Take it with a grain of salt, but to be honest, my Milton and Muskoka Chase courses where pretty much bang on. I was surprised to see how close it was to real life.

I also have other graphs in other post blog: IM France Bike Course

You can tell the hard spots by HR (red), Power (green) and Speed (blue):

  • 20th KM: climb starts
  • 21st KM: first hard climb
  • 24th KM: killer climb, this is the hard one

IM France Bike 21-26 km

  • 56 to 69th KM: there are a series of short steep hills
  • 71st KM: we’re home! The rest is relatively easy

IM France Bike 55-68 km

  • 105 to 110th KM: There another series of hills, which although not as hard as before, we will be tired.

IM France Bike 100-110 km

Well, that is all I did on my training… the weather got better later and I did my other long rides outside.



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