Tracking Results

17 06 2009

The race is almost here… just a few days away. I’m starting to get a bit anxious, but I feel good. I have no pain what so ever. I feel strong and even though I’m holding back on my training effort, I’m still getting descent speed and power over a low heart rate. An example of this was my Brick today:

  • Bike: 169 Watts @ 127 bpm (1:15 hours)
  • Run: 12 km/h @ 147 bpm (20 min)

Specially the run, it is really good result compared to my normal.

Anyhow, the race day (June 28th) will really tell if I’m ready. If you would like to follow-up live, you can track athletes at:

(Click on 2009, under Race Coverage on the left side of the screen)

The following Sandbaggers will be racing:

  • Hans Winter: BIB 1609
  • Carlos Araujo: BIB 1084

Wish us luck, we’ll need it.

May the force, gels and energy drinks be with you!



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